Addons Taking an Eternity to Download

I’ll keep this short, I wanted to download all the WAC aircraft mods on the workshop, but a 36 MB download has taken half an hour. Any idea why this happens? Do workshop downloads get throttled by Steam while in game? (They don’t get downloaded outside of the game btw) And if so, how do I remove this throttle?

And believe me when I say I don’t want to wait 30 minutes just for 1 fricking plane to download, let alone all other 36 of the addons I got.

EDIT: I last tried to download these addons last night and what I explained happened, but there’s improvement. A 60 MB download is gonna take about 4 minutes, but that’s still stupidly slow.

It’s all based on your Steam regional server – they’re known to be abysmally slow at times.

Well thanks for the knowledge in the future, but it doesn’t really matter because all the addons are fully downloaded. Thanks anyway :3