addons that can help me screw with HL2?

Just something I’ve been wondering for a while so I decided to ask the people who know gmod like the back of their hand!
what addons should I get from that can help me mess with Half life episode 1/2? and how?
(example: Get a tamer so then you can befriend almost every combine you meet and then mash them with the bad ones and see an epic traitor vs loyal battle.)
something like that.
Its just to screw with the game, and probably mess it up so bad it just doesn’t continue :stuck_out_tongue:
Feel free to take the ideas by others posted here.

Friendly Combine - Evil Rebels.

I have em, but that is a great idea :smiley:

I just use overpowered SWEPs. Also get the T-Rex NPC and plop it in the middle of Ravenholm. Hilarity ensues.

huh when I get HL2 I’ll try that out.
maybe I’ll try that in gmod XD
oh and I had the T-rex but I didnt keep it because it was really loud and wouldn’t cooperate with me.

74 views? 4 replies?

Nothing unusual there. People reply if they have something to add.

Oh. I know just the thing. Put sv_cheats 1 in the console, then say impulse 101 when you teleporting through Dr. Klieners invention, then when you see Breen, shoot him with the magnum.


Load the HL2 campaign missions in GMod and fuck with it to your hearts content