Hi… so I add some guns to my server but some of them not working.I have problem with desert eagle and jihad bomb.I cant see a picture of desert eagle in pointshop…there is error,but gun works fine for me… but for my friends dont work.And jihad works good, but my friend cant listen sound of bomb.Pls help

Sounds like you did not set up your FastDL server correctly.

So now its solved but I have one more problem… I cant set sound of gun… i hear an original desert eagle

ok its solved… but I have one problem with sound… i hear both sounds of gun(addon and original desert eagle)… at one fire

Make sure you set up the sounds so they use a name like WeaponSMG.Single, etc… Make sure they’re on the WEAPON_CHANNEL

yeah this is it… thx btw do you know how can i set a view of player location on server?