Addons will not work in Multiplayer

No problems in single mode. No problems at all really, apart from this.
My friend makes the server and his addons work. I will make the server next time to see if that’s the case.

In multiplayer, I can see the Stacker Tool and Explosive Entities Tool listed amongst Tools and all the weapons are displayed in their boxes in the menus.
I can see the name of the tool on the tool gun when selected if it was used previously in single mode, but it will be unresponsive when clicking.

I have downloaded the Nuke Pack, the Melonium gun, RPG-7 gun, Stacker tool and the Explosive Entities tool. That’s all I remember at least, or what I want to be able to use. :stuck_out_tongue:

I downloaded the gm_perfectz_world_v2 map too, and that works fine for both of us.

Addons are only Serverside…
Most of them anyways, very few that are client side. If you wish to play with certain addons, the Server and the Client must have them.

P.S. change your avatar.

Ok then. Thank you!