Addons won't download or install properly for clients!

I have the workshop collection right. I have the startup right (+host_workshop_collection 635141033 -authkey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and I have the workshop.lua file in the lua/autorun/server directory. It’s all right but for some reason some addons won’t install for people correctly or something because they only see errors or missing textures and I have been trying to trouble shoot this for hours but it will not work. Any suggestions or Fixes for this?

Please post your workshop file (the one with all the resource.AddWorkshop() stuff) as well as your workshop collection.

Also, what are people seeing errors/missing textures of? If it’s not something specified by resource.AddWorkshop() (like CSS or HL2 content) they won’t get it.

What they are missing is textures for a car mod ( and textures for a materials pack ( for a map. The weird thing everything else works fine but those two. Even the custom map. my workshop file is
in the lua/autorun/server directory

Is this happening for every player?

Does this happen to you?

this also has been happening to me as-well i have a new player model that just wont download for those who do not have it.

This happens for every player

The car mod requires a base. You aren’t sending that to the client, which (most likely) is one of the reasons you are getting texture errors. (The base pack does have textures in it.

I see you are sending the materials for the map, so not sure otherwise.