Addons won't download the whole way

Hey guys, this has being going on for a while and i’m staring to get pissed off. Whenever I decide to get an addon, if it goes slow, and takes a few minutes, it decides to freeze at somewhere around 4%-18% at average speed, possibly go at like over 90% if going fast, and it finishes if it goes fast enough. I had to reinstall my gmod (and it was also doing this before.) I have to get my addons back, but most of them don’t download the whole way. I gotta get my addons back, but the only way I can get them atm is to keep restarting my game to make them download farther. I need help. This is driving me crazy. :suicide:

Just bumping the thread so it doesn’t get buried under the other threads.

I just found out what the problem is. It says in my console it’s timing out. Is there a console command to make it take longer for it to time out? Is it like sv_timeout or something?

Bumping this up again. Can I please get anybody to help?


Sounds like it’s not steam, what’s your net/download like?

Is this just general workshop on single player or is this on a server?

Actually, yesterday it started working after a long time of playing TF2 instead of GMOD. Thanks for trying to help but it fixed itself. :smiley: