Addons, Workshop items and Maps not downloaded/synced.

Ok, I have had Garry’s Mod for quite a while now. I am able to successfully download, use and keep all the addons, extras and maps from servers that I join.

One day I launch my Garry’s Mod and I had to reinstall ALL of my Workshop subscribed things. I sat through it and said, maybe its just an update. What is the weird thing is when I loaded up my Gamesmode list for Jailbreak, TTT , etc. I found that I have NONE of the maps that I usually play on (aka ttt_67th_way) and the only maps I have is the ones from CS:Source which I bought alongside GMod. I tried to re-download the maps but it doesn’t work. It is stuck at 0% and it just won’t download. It doesn’t refuse the download, I checked and I did enable all downloads for any servers in the options menu.

I have all the maps, addons and other files whenever I check my Garry’s Mod folder(steamapps/<steamname>/garrysmod/garrysmod), I have everything. I have all the maps, addons, etc. but whenever I load Garry’s Mod, I have re-download all my Workshop items and when I do finish downloading it and relaunching GMod, I just redownloads it AGAIN!

What I am guessing is that it isn’t syncing with the Cloud. I verified my Steam Cache, Re-installed Garry’s Mod twice and even deleted the whole GMod Folder to make sure its totally clean (I kept a backup of all the files just incase). I can see the words, …Syncing… Next to GMod when I close it but it just isn’t working!

I really need some help guys. If you need screenshots, I will gladly take a picture of them, just tell me where and what you need.

SideNote: I have played GMod for nearly a Month or 2 and accumulated 810 Hours into the game.

You have a lot of updating to do if you haven’t played in 1-2 months.

Verify/Validate your Garry’s Mod and Source content.

Make sure your garry’s mod is steampiped (In the common folder and not the account folder, Re-install if it isn’t.)

Other than that i guess wait for more answers on your specific fix…

Post some screenshots, It would help.

I have already validated my Gmod Content, By Source content do you mean all Source games such as TF2 and CS:Source? (Those are the only source games I have)
What do you mean by steampiped? I am unfamiliar with that term. All I can say is there is a folder named GarrysMod in the commons folder with the same folders in the account folder.