Ok, I’m not that new to gmod, but I’m somewhat new to addons. I wasn’t able to get any for about a year :confused:

Anyway regular old addons are fine, but the “Just put it in garrysmod/garrysmod” directions make me feel like I went to the bathroom during a conversation and I came back and there’s a whole new subject. I know what the garrysmod/garrysmod directory is, and I’ve installed things succesfully (by chance).

But just ONCE could someone take the time to help a newfag in need?

That’s why the thread is marked as stupid.

Mods with a info.txt file can go into the addon directory. Ones without will require you to put the files manually in the garrysmod/garrysmod folder.

An easier way, if there is no info.txt file, is to copy one from another mod and change the stuff inside such as the title to something different. That should make it so itll load and be able to have it in the addons folder.