AddOutput Input - Help

Ok well I started experimenting with the AddOutput input of a logic_relay. Thing is what ever I do I can’t seem to get the darn thing to work.

So far I have this following code in the parameter of the AddOutput from a button output

OnTrigger Door_Floor1:Open:<none>:0:1

No matter how I adjust it it refuses to function!

Little help would be appreciated.


What are you using to trigger it?

It should be OnPressed if I understand your problem correctly.

doors don’t have an OnPressed input.

Perhaps I misinterpreted this bit…

But the code is from a logic_relay. I have a suspection that he is trying to trigger a logic_relay without a trigger (trigger_once, trigger_multiple, or func_button).

Ok I have a func_button the code is under the output of that button using
Button_action Entity_name Output Parameter Delay Fired_Once
“OnPressed” “Logic_relay_test” “AddOutput” “OnTrigger Door_Floor1:Open:<none>:0:1” “0” “No”

That’s not how you use it.


onpressed logic_relay trigger

ontrigger func_door open

Sorry prehaps I didn’t explain. I need new outputs each time the logicrelay is spawned. I kill the entity then I need the button to add an output so that once an event happens the logic_relay can be triggered and the output done.

All I ask is for some help to sort out why it is not working. I know what I’m doing so don’t tell me that I should just use a button to open the door because that contradicts what I’m trying to do. I only need help in sorting it out so it works!


Why are you killing the entity. You could just disable it.

Because I need to have 1 output from it and it changes every time it spawn, and I can’t use multiple entity’s.

You could use multiple entities, and just not have them enabled. If you need to randomise the events, then use a logic case to switch between the relays.

I don’t want alternatives to the process, I just need help getting the AddOutput working. What is wrong with my parameter for it at the top of this page?