Addressing hacking issues

Game has gone from enjoyable/amazing to a complete waste of time.

Aimbotters have begun to overrun everyone else on my main server, North America 4.

Is there anything we can do to get admin help and watch for suspicious behavior?


Go to a community server. Mine is at
Sorry to hear you are having troubles.

All thanks to a asshole named Helios -3- (A.K.A Ruiner of Great games)

I also play on North America 4 I suspected a user of hacking last night, and 2 of my friends also encounter him. Snap to headshots, seeing us through objects. Today I was playing and noticed users complaining about a cheater. A little research and I’m quite certain this is the guy.

He has been changing his name constantly in an attempt to avoid detection and even changed his steam community ID tonight, last night it was (now of course an empty link).

If you visit his steam community profile and check his recent names, could you identify any of those names as players you saw hacking?

Seriously someone has got to crack down on this, or this game will be ruined before it’s even out!

Good job. Now everybody that visits this thread will check that out.

my thoughts exactly

Of course they’ll want to check it out but that doesn’t mean they’ll be dumb enough to buy it. If they are good riddens more hackers=more people showing their true nature resulting in hacking becoming a big issue which in turn should get some attention from the admins. Do you see the bigger picture yet?

Yes but the more money that goes into buying hack the more money the developer of the hack gets, the more time he will put into making it better

So devs of rust get money to counter the hackers and the hackers get money to fuel their hacks…

Why make a bigger issue out of something that is already big?