adds extra light in hammer = box shadows

TReally sry i gotta post a thread now everytime i have some stupid issue, Tryed pushing this one off with just not adding more lights but with an extra room i had to find out why this kept happening and since i can’t seem to search for nothing right (i can’t find this issue uhhh no surprise) so here i am.

Issue: add a light in map, load up map, get this.
Thanks for reading.

These shadows make me think of too many lightstyles on one face.
Do you have multiple lights which can be switched on/off individually? If you do, it may be the problem. Hammer has to compile such lights like this:
Light 1 is on, light 2 is on
Light 1 is off, light 2 is off
Light 1 is on, light 2 is on
Light 1 is off, light 2 is off

Just 2 lights on one face is already too complex for Hammer to compile, making it freak out like this, unless you would make sure both lights will be switched on and off at the same time. (Like cutting power to a whole room)

But above is just speculation on my end. If you would post the compile log it will be much easier for others to find your problem.

weird, I got it to work before but then updated it with a tv that teleports you to a room outside the map but the light was in that room so idk why its breaking things now :\ Awwhh the nightlights in this map have been trouble sum from the start.

edit- alright so i seem to forgot i moved a light that flicker outta the tv in the main room which did not go with the map light flow… Removed that and all was fixed with new lights in, Thanks for the help.

I would gather it has something to do with you using a prop texture on a world surface. props/carpetfloor001a is a VertexLitGeneric texture only meant to be used on props, not world geometry.

Here are some carpet textures I made from the cs_office carpet (the original blue, red and green):

Just put the carpet folder in your materials folder and search for “offflr”

You can have up to 4 light styles on a face, but it’s not a great idea since it eats a shit ton of lightmap data and inflates the BSP size accordingly.

And you’re correct that VRAD has to calculate every iteration of every light map page required for the styles lights. So if you had one styles light with 26 steps and another with 24 steps in the same area, VRAD would have to calculate 624 pages plus the original lit page (625.) Styles lights also are direct light only and don’t bounce (you can imagine what a clusterfuck would happen if they did), so they tend to leave banded and ugly black blotchy shadows everywhere they don’t cast (unless some other light is lighting the dark areas.)

Styles lights are also expensive to render. If you have a quickly switching styles light, expect shit frame rates.

Is that a reskinned de_dolls?

Yeah, wanted to have a lightswitch in there… Only thing that room was missing if it want to be 100% true to a real life room haha, Also had a few tweaks i really wanted in there (a pillow should act like one!), The broken bombsite that only worked in cs:s and plus more vents is always a nice thing.

I gotta another question, Another lighting one.

How do i get custom textures to have shadows? When the lights go out on the map all the customs are as bright as lights still.