/addspawn command on DarkRP [HELP] ! with jobs

Hello guys!

I want to use the command:
/addspawn - to Set the spawn position for the job you want

But the problem is that, this command is not working with all jobs

It’s works with /addspawn Citizen
But, not with: /addspawn Mayor

I think, i need to know the exact name, of the job
How can i know it? please guys!

I want make a DarkRP server in a few days. But i think under gamemodes - darkrp - lua - ???

the ??? stands for look for a data with the name like citizen, than look for a kind of mayor lua

Anyone can help me please guys!!!

I think you need to use /setspawn for mayor, because the mayor is probably only allowed to have one spawn point.

/addspawn uses the job’s command rather than its name and is currently case sensitive.