I’ve recently stumbled upon a way to add a workshop collection to a server. Is that necessary if I want to add addons to the server using Resource.AddWorkshop or can I skip the collection step?

resource.AddWorkshop is to make clients download it, using the collection is to make your server load it. Do both (if the addon doesn’t already add itself to the downloads).

So I can’t just put the file in the Addons folder of the server, I have to load a collection?

No. resource.AddWorkshop is for clients. You decide how you want to load it on the server.

resource.AddWorkshop is for workshop files, so you can’t just “put it in your addons folder.” You’ll also need to include +host_workshop_collection IDHERE in your startup script to use your collection on your server.

Speaking from experience:
Only use workshop for big model packs you know you won’t change.

If you’re uploading small materials and such it’s going to get hard to manage and you’re going to have a bad time.