Adept Lua Coder Needed

The gamemode will be called Tribal.

Tribal is a unique roleplay gamemode based on creating tribes and advancing through time. Tribal will offer crafting, skills needed for survival, customizable tribes which are permanent, and progression. As you progress in Tribal, you will find the world will be growing along with you. Tribal will have illnesses, hunger, thirst, and war. The rate that your tribe advances relies on the play time of it’s members, and tribe advancement is necessary in order to succeed. If you die, everything you ever had will be reset, and you will be put on a blacklist from joining the tribe you were previously in. The cause of death can be from illnesses, such a slight screen haze, which would progress into immobilization, if untreated with medicine. Medicines may be gathered from certain plants that would be spawned around the map. Another cause of death is starvation. If you don’t grow/gather food, you will eventually starve to death. The third reason would be from tribal warfare. Players will have full control of how they want to spend their time in Tribal. With skills, each time you do a task you get XP for the section it falls under. For example, if you are going to be a warrior in your tribe, you would have to harm objects (players or npcs) in order to increase your strength. Strength would then increase your damage done. If you want to be able to survive, you will need to craft tools and weapons. Tribe tiers allow new stages of tools and weaponry to be crafted. Tools can range from picking cotton with your hands to make clothe, to mining with a pickaxe. Weapons and other tools would then be made out of the items gathered. This is just the beginning.

A lot has been edited out since this was posted.

Don’t use FreeSQL, they are terrible.


Figured out how to use SQL databases. I can now start this gamemode, and have formed a satisfactory team. Thanks zzaacckk for responding.