Adjusting car suspension - help a guy out, will ya?

So yeah I’ve been building a car with a simple wire hydraulic suspension. The wheels are rigid-roped to the body and there is a small block above each wheel, which is welded to the body (the blocks, that is). Non-fixed wire hydraulics go from those blocks to the middle of the wheels (modified with Precision Alignment).

The purpose of the setup is to be universal (the body doesn’t have to have a specific shape to attach the suspension to it. Instead, the blocks are welded to it and made invisible. Also wire hydraulics can be adjusted after being placed, while elastic cannot. I had hoped to develop a setup I could use with any body).

The thing is, no matter how I adjust the settings, the suspension is still too loose for the car. As a result, while it does work, it’s as pleasant to drive as sitting on a cactus. Driving in a straight line can be challenging, not to mention doing (intentional) turns. Also, the car starts to wobble terribly at about 100 kph.

I’ve tried increasing the constant but even if I put in a ridiculously high values, it still makes no difference. After a certain number the strength seems to remain unaffected. I would increase the damping but if I set it higher than 5000, the whole thing spazzes out. I also removed the hydraulics and replaced them with regular elastic. The problem remains without any difference what so ever. Setting the weight of the wheels and the suspension blocks to a higher value didn’t make a difference either.

Since I’m not exactly a Gmod pro, there may be something I’m overlooking here. I’d be grateful for any ideas.

If it helps, here’s the dupe (for Advanced Duplicator 2):

(You will need Sprops, WireMod and ACF for the car to work properly. The hydraulics controllers (they are parented) are under the bonnet which you can open with the toggle switch on the left under the steering wheel. The suspension adjustment switches are to the right of the steering wheel. Once you enter the car you can operate them with the left mouse button. Every switch is appropriately named. And yes, you do have to manually turn the key to turn on the engine. By default you change gears with the next/previous weapon buttons which should be the mouse scroll wheel, if you haven’t changed it in Gmod settings.)

I’m having the exact same problem with a car of mine, I think it has something to do with the relationship with the baseplate and tires, I’m working on a solution to try and fix it. I’ll inform you of possible fixes if you need.