adjusting the size of a player model and adding textures to new elements in the model

Hello, I have a problem again (not really a problem but I need help please)

I’ve been making a few playermodels from this game called Xenoblade they’re rigged and everything works fine, is just that they’re not in the right scale

how it is:[/T]

how it should be:

is there any way to fix this?

Also I’d like to add one little thing to one of the player models, the thing is I don’t know how to make Gmod recognize what texture should be used for this new part

[T][/T] + [T][/T] = [T]

it either shows up as purple or doesn’t at all (once in-game)

Thanks a lot! this is my first time doing anything of this kind

you need to recompile them with an animation subtraction addition with a smaller skeleton. Mind you, it will be a bit buggy and some people might complain about smaller/bigger hitboxes and things like that.

I’ll grab QC code after I get off from work. As to the texture thing - you need to make a vmt with the same name as the applied texture.

THANKS! a lot for your help! :smiley:


This is it.

$sequence reference ragdoll
	$animation a_proportions "proportions" subtract reference 0
	$sequence proportions a_proportions delta autoplay

I’ll give it a try, thanks!

I’m not great at explaining things via text but if you shoot me a message I’m willing to stream the process inside Max and show you how it all works.

thanks a lot for taking part of your time for this!

I’ll add you, I’m kind of new to this, but once I learn I’ll be forever grateful!