Adjutant and Models

Does anyone know were I can download the program Adjutant?
Also does anyone know how to turn an object into a model in autodesk maya? I downloaded the halo 4 model pack off of the halo 4 model pack thread but all character files were object files.

First off, you need Autodesk 3DS Max (preferably version 2012), not Maya. Maya is not suited for making ragdolls/playermodels for Gmod.

2ndly, once you’ve got max, you can just import the models. For rigging a model as a ragdoll, use this tutorial:

If you want to make playermodels, use this thread: Gmod Playermodel Tutorial 2014 [3ds Max]

edit: Adjutant was literally a Google search away, all ya had to do was Google “Adjutant program” and BAM, there it was.