Admin abilities on admin+

I have two sort of admin ranks in ulx; admin and admin+ (admin + donator) but the problem is that you can not use the scoreboard commands in DarkRP and you can also not spawn in guns or spawn guns with the toolgun, does anyone know how to make admin the same as admin+ but without the extra jobs?
Thank you for reading!

Set the inheritance in the ULX config file, and before you ask where that is, do some research first.

this and this helped me a tad a while ago

I did do some research but if i set the inheritance, the admin+ still doesnt have the commands in the DarkRP scoreboard, but it does have all the commands in the !menu

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Well, the commands work but the only problem is that in the scoreboard you can fine players easaly but with the !menu it is way harder to find players in a full 64 slot server :l
Ill just have to live with it i think :stuck_out_tongue:
Still thanks for helping :wink:

You’ll have to edit the scoreboard; everytime it says IsAdmin in the code, you’ll need to change it is IsAdmin or IsUserGroup(“admin+”)

Is there a way to overwrite the IsAdmin function?

To add the admin+ group inside ? ( That return a positiv value then)

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