After a while i decided to play rust again… saw in my history recently wiped server with good ping, population about 50 players… so i joined… 3 days later i notice it’s the same server i was being admin abused, but minding my own bussines and hoping that won’t happen again i decided to stay and play… admin changes name every day 5-6 times. his most used is [LOLz]NoPlan. every day he trolls people telling them REALLY stupid and not funny jokes, like he writes in console, TOMMOROW SERVER WIPE. and when all players get excited(like wtf server was wiped 5 days ago) he tells them to STFU and don’t be stupid… He beggs for donation, and when no one replies he tells them to suck a **** or eat **** or something like that… last time i was banned from that server was when i killed his 8 year old friend. today he told me “I TOLD YOU TO STFU, DID YOU DONATE? YOU DIDN’T!” and then he teleported on my house with his friend, started to c4 my door and said “WILL YOU STFU NOW?”, landed few shots on him and his friend, i think they was very low with health, then i just got kicked, CONNECTION BANNED.

Point of this post is… Guys don’t let such stupid people ruin such a great game and find a better server to play on, don’t even think about joining, cause you will be abused by 5-6 12year old bosnian and serbian kids.

ADMIN SKYPE: nikola.milijevic

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And when i said he beggs for donation… see it yourself…