Admin abuse - and a shameless plug.

Afternoon Chaps,

I love this game. I’ve dumped 100’s of hours into Legacy, and got kinda bummed when they essentially stopped support for it. A mate of mine and I recently started playing this new version, and we where loving it. We found a nice server, not too busy, about 12 people or so online.

Spent a couple of weeks doing the usual thing. And FINALLY got enough resources to start doing some raiding.

Turns out, we raided the wrong base. Admins base. Killed him a few times throughout the exchange, which made him furious, he turned abusive, and said he was gonna destroy our base.

5 mins later, we are back at base counting our loot when what do we see coming over the horizon?. Is it a bird?, is it a plane?, no, its a pissed off admin flying towards our home with unlimited, spawned C4. He starts peppering us with this C4 from the sky, and within 1 min, our base is destroyed, 2 weeks work is gone, and me and my mate are left thinking “f*ck this game”.

Getting raided is one thing, but having some salty kid cheat us out of our hard work left a very sour taste in our mouths. A few other players got wind of what happened and most have left his server now.

Anyway, my point is that my friend and I have set up our own server, of which we are the Admins. Unfortunately, this is the only way we can guarantee that there will be no admin abuse, and its 100% fair.

This is an invitation to anyone who wants to join. Type “Keywork” into the search and we will pop up. All are welcome. So if you’ve ever had anything like this happen to you, give us a try and bring your mates.

Have a good weekend.

You’re risking a ban by advertising here.

Sounds like a crap experience, but I wonder if directly going to hosting your own server is the right response. It takes some effort to find a good server, and while I wish you every success with yours, there are literally hundreds of empty servers out there. Nothing is durable in Rust - servers get wiped every month anyway (yes, even yours). I’ve stopped thinking about my hours in Rust as some kind of investment - just embrace your current situation, make the best of it and have fun.

What’s my point here: Play a different server every night for week. Find one you like. Don’t get emotionally invested in a virtual building that’s going to be wiped next Thursday no matter what. Embrace the moment.

Saying “Unfortunately, this is the only way” is a mindset that will kill multiplayer.

I didn’t realize I could get banned for advertising the server. Sorry mods. And thanks for letting me know dude.