Admin abuse and adming friens cheat server - Multiplay Swedish Inferno

I would like to warn the players to avoid Multiplay Swedish Inferno server.
On this server the admins abused and let their friends to cheat.

Server details:
Multiplay :: Swedish Inferno [EU]

On behalf of Finnexus Gaming Community,


If you need a good server you can check out ours. Just a couple admins and we don’t give anyone, or ourselves, anything. PVP, 1/4 craft, sleepers and oxide so there is door sharing. No craftable C4 so you actually can build a base without it being wrecked constantly. People tend to leave you alone if you’re just farming and announce you’re friendly. Always someone around to answer questions if you have any.

Server name:

– |US|PVP|Slprs|1/4 Craft|Oxide


Not sure if they’re letting their friends “cheat”. They might have given them items and god mode but that’s up to the server owner. They pay for the server they can do what you want.

Look for a more populated server that is more serious about things like this.