[Admin Abuse] Avoid this server ! [TF24]

Hi everybody !

I’m here to count a little story about a server i tried, high popularity / high population, but, things went wrong…

With some buddies of our [Alcatraz] Clan, we deciced to try a new german server, that have been wiped yesterday ( 10-03 ), so, less than 24hours ago, at the moment, so, we went on this server, and we farm’d for 6 hours long.

Just arrived on the server we saw “Admin abuse ! Godmode !” “TF24 abuse, admins reported !”, well, we decided to move on and keep farming.

So, after 5 hours of intensive farming, we saw that brand-new house not so far from our house, we decided to come closer, and we saw that the building was a 7x5 metal foundations on 2 floors, and the “inside” was full of metal doorways, without doors, but, still metal doorways. At the moment i was… “wow, that’s a pretty huge house, for a less than 24hours old server”.

Then some footstep noises were heard, we decided to run away, we were chased by naked guys that started firing on us, we faced them and killed them with bows and arrows, they were pretty bad, that that happened 2 times, so, we went back to our main base.

Some minutes after, one of our mates decided to camp their house, and we decided to follow him to bait em out from their house, then, they came out, the first was naked and rushed us, we ran out, the second one was full kevlar and stopped running, then, my mate came closer to backstep him, he saw the guy dropping a shotgun and an ammo stack, my mate stole it, reloaded the 1bullet loaded shotgun, and then fired the kevboy… 1…2…3…4 hits right on his face, the guy survived and killed my mate, the nickname appeared and it was one of the [TF24] members.

Everything became clear in our head, the [TF24] members are the admins of the server, they were really using the admin-godmode-tool, they were /giving themselves weapons ( in front of our eyes… ) and they /gave themself that huge metal house, that i’m pretty sure is now about 7 or 8 floors high now.

So, we decided to write on the text-chat “GG WP admins, what a huge /give lololol”, we trolled em a bit, but not being agressive, and while they were talking into the chat all noon long, they did not say a single word, and each one of us have been banned one by one. ( You can see a part of it here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cH8JAJoaiM )

So, trust me, or don’t, those things are in your mind and in your hands from now.

That was pretty disturbing for us while we know that there is always at least 20-30 persons online on the server.

Here is the name of the server : http://www.noelshack.com/2014-11-1394566187-avoidserv.png

Oh, and, you can think that i’m just a ragekid that left a server, that’s up to you, but, well, trust whatever you want :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure that many persons can confirm what happened, just seing how many peoples were complaining about this server when we logged on.

So, it’s now time for me to find a new one, and to get back to farming !

Have a nice day / farm.

Seems like we were right and they killed their own server ! 4 players online instead of 30-35 usually at the same time, haha :slight_smile:

Wow I really hate admin abuse!