Admin Abuse Backfires!

Not sure if this has been posted yet. Not my video, but boy is this hilarious. This just goes to highlight two things. One, there’s a “bug” that allows people with the same name as the admin to receive the same items that admin spawns into his own inventory. Two, the ability to spawn items like this should be excluded from the final server code…ok Two is my opinion, but its damn spot on.

I disagree with give commands being disabled. In fact, there should be more control put into the game. What’s the point of owning your own server when you’re just another player in it? If you don’t like admin spawning things, don’t play on those servers. There’s plenty of servers with no active admins including the official ones.

EDIT: Using godmode to rampage other players, banning when they lose to someone, raiding bases by porting, uber hatchet, spawning c4, etc are all examples of admin abuse. Spawning building material to make a masterpiece or a ton of ammo to go shoot animals is not abuse, it’s enjoying your own server (or hopefully legit access to rcon password).

Why would the ability to spawn items be removed from the game? I’m pretty sure people are allowed to do whatever they wish on their servers

I like the video and all; I think it’s funny that you caught the admin basically red-handed. However, spawning items and any commands for an admin should never be removed from the server. In fact, there should be more power for admins as it is their server which they paid for, meaning they can do whatever they want on it.

I know it is strenuous and extremely tedious starting up on a server, dedicating to it, and staying in for a while until realizing that the admins are abusive, but that’s a server-specific problem, not a game problem. It may take time, but just find a server with a good set of admins and everything will be fine.

Also, I noticed that many people in the video’s comments are stating that an event was going on and that it wasn’t abuse. Contrarily, I saw that the admin banned anyone who knew about the video. Mind giving us some backstory?

paid admins on official servers plz

Servers should have a setting that can be filtered in the server browser to allow players to play on servers that have admin spawning disabled.

Yeah but what about spawning a bunch of ammo, C4, and such so you and your friends can go raid every base on your server? How is that not abuse? The ability to spawn anything you want in your inventory or friend’s inventories completely throws off game balance, and short of catching someone doing as above you have no real way of knowing for sure. Won’t that lead to a lot of love in the community as legitimate and fair admins are defamed in the forums by butt-hurt players. Likewise its very existence in the server code gives the admin plausible deniability. Everyone will just assume that a called-out admin is just lying through his teeth. The removal of the ability to spawn the items at will would bring the fidelity to community servers that the official servers now enjoy. People play on the official servers because they are guaranteed a fairer game, hackers aside.

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I would like to stress again that this video is not my content so I don’t have any backstory to give sadly. I didn’t actually read the comments section of the video, but that isn’t really the point. The point is, admins can and do regularly spawn things for themselves and friends to gain an advantage.

Backstory is in the comments. Basically the admin was giving himself gunpowder/c4 to destroy an arena that was built for the server but was lagging the server. These guys took advantage of one of the short-comings in the Oxide admin plugin to receive everything the Admin spawned in. The admin found out what was happening and teleported to them and killed/banned him. The video in question cuts out right before that happens.

Let’s see if I believe that story. He wants to destroy an arena so he spawns like 30,000 units of gunpowder to make C4 instead of just spawning all the C4 he needs or using the removal tool that is available? I don’t buy it. Doesn’t hold water.

Hahaha, that is pretty good. So does this mean it is time to go change my name?

Not spawning things for my friends is very easy to do, I play Rust alone. If you think I’m spawning things, feel free to “call me out” and I’ll happily say, yes, I am spawning things for myself. You make it seem like admin commands are bad and I should treat their usage like embezzlement or something.

The best course of action to fix admins spawning things in the server you play in is to don’t play on that server, or my server, or any server where the owner is enjoying their server. Easy. Admin commands aren’t going to be removed because you have an issue with people other than yourself having fun with something you don’t have. Find a server with no active admins, play on the official ones, get your own server, or don’t play at all. I’m not going to run a server where I’m just a normal player with no control whatsoever, there’s no point in having one then. At least one good thing would come from removing spawn commands, the server list will drastically shrink.

I like analogies, so I thought of one that should fit this situation. Imagine you are being served at a franchise McDonald’s (community server). You get terrible service and the manager doesn’t care (admin “abuse”), but for the sake of this scenario, corporate McDonald’s doesn’t care what happens in franchise restaurants (Facepunch). There is literally nothing you can do because the owner of that particular location can do whatever they want since it’s their restaurant. Instead of complaining, go find another McDonald’s (other servers). I hear corporate restaurants (official servers) are pretty fair, but they’re located in a more populated area with higher rates of riffraff (cheaters). Your choices are to never eat at a McDonald’s again, find a nice homely franchise location, or start your own franchise restaurant. On a side note, that’s how Netflix was started. The creator hated Blockbuster’s crappy late fees, but instead of complaining, he started his own business.


We need admins to administrate admins.

Ah, I see. Nonetheless, the backstory appears to be bullshit anyways (the one defending the admins).
Admins can, but shouldn’t unless their server openly admits to administrative abuse. I as a player of the game, fully geared and all, could easily hunt blatantly weaker people such as fresh spawns just for kicks or for “holding back any rising threats”. However, I don’t. I may have the tools for it and those tools may allow me to ruin gameplay experience, but I choose not to because I’m not that type of player. Find a server with admins who use their powers responsibly and you won’t say the same thing about banning admin tools, I’m sure. I’ve been an admin before and not once did I abuse my powers, and that’s because I treated my powers as a responsibility rather than a privilege.

Don’t make the mistakes of many the punishment for all.

Not buying that. Why would you need gunpowder to remove a base??? Also why do you need C4 to remove parts of a Base? As admin you have the remove tool to remove components of a base on oxide.


I think this is the absolute best idea. Turning the setting back on should be accompanied by an auto-wipe and that would do it for me. I’d play on that server any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Friendly Rust Server! recently wiped! Trading post! No Admin Abuse! Air Drops! 50 Slots!

  1. PVP is on, but If one person is Killing Alot, A Man Hunt may be Purchased at The Trading Post!

  2. Raiding of Trading post Is punishable by a Manhunt And Counter raid. if caught.

  3. Most current players on server dont kill on sight, unless they feel in danger.

  4. Bring Friends! And Enjoy!

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