Admin Abuse Let's Get This Term Defined

So the term “admin abuse” if floating around growing like wild fire here on the forums, and is being used in most part in it’s wrong raw definition due to ignorance and jealously of the given powers to admins. So I would like to clarify and get all your feedback on the issue.

As of right now people are crying admin abuse over admins standing around in god mode and the spawning of items. Since these commands are only a day old, not only I but all admins of all the new servers are testing out these admin tools. Now if an admin was to go out of his way teleport to you inside your base and destroy everything inside, kill you while in godmode, then this is an example of admin abuse.

Admins testing any and all commands is in no way admin abuse. If an admin does use these commands in game to physically take away from your personal game experience like killing you, destroying your base or items, teleporting you against your will, then this is the actual true definition of admin abuse.

To base the term of admin abuse out of your own personal ignorance/jealously over the smallest of things, makes you in the wrong. So let’s all get this sorted out.

When you purchase a server on “playrust” you are predominantly given two servers (you can use one test server and one permanent gaming server.) There is no need for admin abuse whatsoever on your “main” server.

It is up to the guy who purchased the server to make sure that there are no shitty admins on the main server that can shit on the regular rust players- **which according to the forums is happening on your server. **

This is simple
Admin abuse= mass exodus of rust players from your server
Good Admins= Populated, healthy server

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saying that- I dont know if you have purchased a server from playrust

Sounds to me like you’re letting your admins spawn things in on the excuse of “testing”, even though I’m not sure what you’d need to test. If you really wanted to test items and report any bugs with them, you’d spawn them in on a private testing server where no pubbies would be joining.

Obviously what you do on your own server that you payed for is your own business, but I would not play on a server with admins that are spawning items, for any reason.

Okay you obviously didn’t read the topic of this post, I asked for a positive response to the term admin abuse so everyone would get a clearer purpose of its definition.

Also to bring up old news which has already been proven to be a bunch of trolls trying to attack my servers reputation has no validity to this topic.

I do agree with your Good Admin / Bad Admin example, which is for one reason I started the tread to better educate on the term admin abuse.

I am not defending Slyder at all… I ran into the guy on one of garry’s server and sorry Slyder you rubbed me the wrong way… I just dont really like you… sorry man

But like me he probably only bought 1 server the one that is 44.08 USD doesnt come with 2 servers so you can test stuff on… Just saying… maybe buying the 1 server before buying the double pack to see how well the server would do…

Good that’s your own personal opinion, but to call it admin abuse?

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Sorry for the bad rub maybe I killed you ? RUST it’s hell of a game. But yes we only have the one server.

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BTW I should state no admins on my server have spawned anything for personal gain or the personal gain of others.

Can we get back on topic tough, I would like to see examples of what you call admin abuse.

Abuse = Running around in godmode killing anyone that cross’s your path
Abuse = Spawning items for you and friends that you build this massive building that would like 50++ c4
abuse = spawning 100 explosives and splitting them into 1 and running around dropping them…(this one kills the purpose of the game and fighting over airdrops)

Abuse = being a complete dick in chat to your players… and bragging that your an admin and they should stfu before you ban them?

Abuse = Kicking players for no reason or annoying you or camping your friend
Abuse = Banning them after kicking didnt work…

All I can think of atm

Admin aaboose - People hate the server - People stop playing on the server - Server looses players - Repeat - No more players on server except for staff - They waste their money on a empty server - they close the server.

**Why the fuck is this such a problem? You hate the server? Don’t! Play on it! You think they are going to get punished for acting as they want on their server? **

Yes the term is floating around but around you and I just like after your server thread got dumped with it you make this.
Feel good thread.


So yea don’t start a new clean thread to look good and carry this nonsense on.

So this is how you deal with all the admin abuse threads about YOUR server? Anyone who reads the forums already knows to stay away from your server. This is a pathetic attempt to turn your image around.

The only commands admins need is the ban feature.

OH! Would you look at that. Slyder is trying to clear his communities name. But rates everyone with boxes without a valid argument!

I think you should go back to Minecraft Slyder :wink:
There is a more appropriate age group for you :slight_smile:

Hah, I love coming to the forums every night to a new Slyder forum post about how amazing he and his admins are and how everyone else in the rust world is just wrong.

Admin abuse is using rcon for anything OTHER THAN KICK/BAN. PERIOD. END OF STORY

If you want to run a normal server as if Gary himself was running it, why would your admins ever need to use any other command other than those two? If that really isn’t the point of having your admins, then stop claiming that your server is so, so the rest of us don’t waste our time joining in on a shit fest.

Using Admin powers for anything other than administering your server is abuse.

Come join me !! best server so far no flying admins !!

Stopped from reading after this part… funny as hell

MrPancake and Scipio +1 as usual =))

Also, Quack Quack proud of new avatar LOL

Their server their rules. i think its easy to understand if you have bigger brain than a wasp.

it’s not working OP

I think people understand this. The problem is, they’re doing it but pretending they’re not or that it doesn’t effect anyone else on the server when it gives them an unfair advantage.

At least they are admitting to cheating now though.

“Admin Abuse” is something that has been floating around since the dawn of time. Any game that has player run servers will have “admin abuse” pasted all over the community forums. Rust is no different.

That being said, if you run a server that doesn’t spawn things, why would you even need to test the commands? If you someday choose to spawn items for some function for your server style, then you can figure it out then. But if you advertise yourself as a server that sticks true to the game, why even test it?

I think it’d be hilarious if spawning things automatically posted in the chat “Admin has spawned XXX.” Keep it public, keep people informed.

That’s why I made this.

But for some reason, Slyder rated it with dumb. So I guess he is saying that admins abuse on his server and that he is afraid that people will leave ;D