Admin abuse: M4, Kevlar, plus more (starter, insta/full pvp

They ran up with the uber hatchet out and told us not to shoot, they were admins. They immediately killed us after we stopped. I told them I had it on shadowplay and was told I couldnt stream on their server. Was kicked then banned for global announcing admin abuse.

server address:

The best thing is start on another server

This server is shit do not play on it a ton of admin abuse.

Working on a sever with one goal… be rid of admin abuse. I’m the owner and do not play. As I add in admins, their logs will be posted for all players to see online, so if they abuse their powers it’ll be logged for you to see and report.

Sick of admin abuse? LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

trollolololololol another great post u posted a video online showing no admin abuse in theory what you say should have something to back it

If anything, this shows how utterly disrespectful you were to the admins while they were trying to mediate with you. If you have the Shadowplay, I’m sure everyone’s dying to see it.

All I remember is, I end up by Andy to see what’s going on and people are shooting, so I open fire. It’s a PvP server with Kevlar + M4 starters where you don’t lose anything on death. You chose to make this a huge ordeal, yet have provided no reason for anyone to believe you.

In any case, you have a right to leave if you don’t like it. We have a right to ban you for being disrespectful. We don’t try to promote our server, we don’t advertise. It’s just a simple place for people to rek and get rekt. There are a lot of places that are run in a way that the public essentially owns/runs the server, usually because it’s to promote a larger organization or gaming faction. I have nothing against that at all. In fact, that’s the right place for many people.

Good day.