Admin abuse - Multiplay :: (US East) Noob Friendly

The admins decided to build a “jail” and teleport random people to it to kill. I saw at least 5 people ported to it and when I started complaining they teleported me several times to kill me without explanation. The admins also banned someone earlier out of our group because he was talking in global and made the server admin mad. , this is the server i play on and there is absolutely no admin abuse about. I’ve been helping him advertise his server for a while since it is pretty good and keeps to Rust’s principal. Which is survival. Check out this server, I would say it has a healthy amount logging in daily now that we got it’s name out.

I agree with OP, was on this server and the admin TP’ed me to their friends base to kill me. When i asked the admin in chat why he did that i was banned. Stay off the server!