Admin abuse on every server I try, something needs to change!

I try to avoid servers that have admins, because that means the admins and their buddies are going to be killing people in full kev and unlimited ammo with M4s 2 days after a wipe or less.

I tried playing a server called Rust Fanatics, it was going ok, I stayed up real late to give myself a safe spot, next to a guy that was cool and helped me. Wake up today with a huge metal base next to me, with people firing unlimited rounds at animals and people everywhere. I walked over naked to talk to them and see if I could come out and gather without being killed at random, the guy said he was an admin, and had 12 of his friends living in the base.

I know how people play when their ammo is spawned in, the first 4 days of the server I started, we played the same and spawned in stuff to see what could be build and achieved and had a lot of ammo, we got done with testing and wiped, and never spawned in anything again. Sadly a lot of players came on during our testing period and flamed saying I was admin abusing. Well I was trying to learn how to host a server and play the game, I never attacked or raided anyone with spawned in items. I can understand people testing out commands, but letting it become habit when their server becomes established and has big playerbase?

I do not trust servers that say “Active Admins” because all that says to me is you will always be killed by the admins and their buddies spawning stuff in. This needs to change.

The item spawning commands need to be removed from the game, it is making all the players miserable. I think admins spawning in items is more of a problem than hackers.

Remove the item spawning commands from this game please, it needs to happen! Because everyone is abusing it and me and my friends are unable to find a server to play on because of it, and our own server is dead.

Not this again…

Bwahaha oh man classic thread dude… very original.

There are something like 4000 servers (haven’t checked in a while… anyone got a more accurate number?)
You’re saying that all of them have abusive admins? Also, what’s your definition of abuse? Also also, any proof?

Long story short, it doesn’t matter… you could rattle off 20 servers that suck and post screenshots of them sucking but it’s not going to change anything.

EDIT: I had an event server… I hosted events like deathmatches and would hand out (reasonable) prizes to the winners. I needed to be able to spawn in stuff for people to use in the deathmatch, as well as resources to build the arena. There are uses for the spawning commands OTHER than just giving yourself/your friends an advantage.

Also, “making all players miserable”? Didn’t realize there was a survey going around.

Sounds like bad luck to me. PM me if you’re interested in a fairly well run server/community.

Keep in mind, our server isn’t very popular just yet but we’re working on it.

Everyone is abusing huh…

Nope, you are wrong.

You will not find any admin abuse on my server at all. We run events for players all the time as well.

I am 1 of 2 admins on our Server and we pride ourselves in not doing what you have described above. We are active Admins in the sense that we are on the server to help the players and create content.

On the server we are not players and simply manage players glitching, cheaters, create Arena Matches that we hold for prize money players can spend on the economy. We do not raid players or anything of the sort. We use our abilities to spawn items to help improve the gameplay of the world for all the players.

If you want to try our server head on over to


I like servers like that. It is so much fun killing admins who abuse their power.

Wish they would admin official servers with paid admins who don’t play. Having admins who play on the server will never work.

As it is we just try and find a server where the admins abuse their powers the least, not a great solution, but unfortunately the best available atm.

Im confident that 99% of admins will spawn in items if to even to build themselves a base.

A problem and sad thing i NEVER see, is admins making events from spawned item, like building a jumping maze with a reward inside, and warn people that shoot within the event radius will be temp banned from the server.

There are so many unique ways admins can spice up there server’s beyond just the mods and commands, its just so sad i never see it as much as it should be seen.

Speaking of this, im shocked the admins of the offical servers do not even do this for a couple of hours a week. Just to add some extra fun and make some good customer relations.

Admins that play there own server 90% of the time will get pissed off if they get raped hard enough… facts… if you don’t think so then why so many hackers in game? cause they don’t want a advantage?? cause they dont get butt hurt about getting blasted? wrong

I didn’t read any of the replies , but if you want a quality server come hang with me.
The server I run, I barely play on and Im the only one with the admin password.
You are welcome to try it out, since it sounds like your ready for a change.
email me at [EMAIL=“”]

On the other hand…
It also sounds like you have beef with the way most servers are ran.
You also described a have your cake and eat it too situation.
As the admin I have to weigh many factors into every server decision.
Fresh servers are attractive but players hate having their stuff wiped ?
Players don’t want too many admins but they cry when an admin isn’t 5 seconds away from banning a player they suspect of cheating.
If you are familiar with running servers then get your own and enjoy running it the way you want.
If your not ready to try another server or get your own then STFU and just play.
If you come to my server and your a dick and nobody enjoys playing with you.
I wont stick up for you when you get voted off the island !

come join our server

Look i’m just stating a fact, admins should not be spawning in items unless it is a test server not intended for players.

It ruins the game, and if the admin base gets raided, tons of ammo and weapons c4 ect… are spread all over the map ruining the economy.

I run a 150 player Persistent World server for warband, it requires 30 admins or so, we constantly train, and monitor admins. We have a guy hired specifically to monitor admins int he logs, no one is allowed to play as a logged in admin. Unfortunately the logs for rust do not show logs for the server and rcon usage.

Rust++ is nice because you can give people limited powers, no item spawning ect…


I don’t care what your opinion is on this matter, I am sick of constantly trying to find a server to play on with a fairly recent wipe, and see admins and their friends slaughtering everyone with spawned in shit.

End of story!

I disagree with your 99% thing, but I know that the badmins are out there, I haven’t experienced any myself.

Event servers are fun, but they require quite a bit more administrating than a typical server. I was never able to actually play the game because it took so much effort just to get a group of people together for a deathmatch or a maze or something. But it was totally worth it, the players seemed to appreciate the change of pace. Plus the prizes (usually a stack of sulfur or something that was useful but not game-changing) were usually worth it.

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So you don’t care about anyone’s opinion yet you came to the forum just to tell us your opinion.

Troll. lol

I run a server. I also work 40+ hours a week and am only on for like a hour or so around midnight. Usually just to check in and see if anyone needs any help with anything. Spawning in materials and items would make the game suck after a day or so. I mean where’s the challenge? If I get killed so be it, it’s part of the game. You’ll only ever get a pistol if that off of me, I spend most of my time playing gathering materials and items and putting them in the community chest. This helps out the new spawns as well as the players that have been on for a while. Sorry you’ve had a bad run but the fact is they pay to play and have invested more than the 20 bucks you’ve put in. So it’s gonna be there way or the highway. Search my posts I have a 100 seat server in the servers thread. Be more than happy to have you join in. I don’t have any friends that play so I’m not biased either way.

It’s downright ridiculous to say that commands that can be very useful tools to run a good server should be removed so that people can’t abuse them anymore.

You don’t like the way a server is administered? Stop weeping and find a new server. Stop picking at random and look around. There ARE servers where admins do not abuse their powers, and saying that there aren’t any is just retarded.

you sound like your on the right track SameBig.

Anyway I did not mean “I DONT WANT YOUR OPINION”. I meant, I don’t want to hear what the first 6 posts said, with people saying admin abuse does not happen, or it doesnt matter if it happens.

It does matter, the game is boring if you just spawn stuff in, no challenge. I don’t understand why you would spawn stuff in, you will get bored of the game real fast.

Not only does it make the game boring, it ruins the economy of the server.

We do not spawn in items on Avalon, though like I said before, our first 4 days were a testing phase, since I was new to the game.

I feel like testing out the mechanics is useful, I never raided anyone. I didn’t know 35 people would join the server during a test phase, but that is my fault for not understand how the game and the community worked in the beginning before I named the server something to attract players.

I have seen more admin abusers than hackers in the last 3 weeks of playing rust.

I’m curious what your definition of admin abuse is… or what your proof is. All too often we see people in the forums complaining about admin abuse (which, don’t get me wrong, is a legitimate issue with many servers) but who knows if they’re actually seeing admins or not. Sometimes it’s obvious, like when people have invis armor and the uber hatchet but frankly I think people just get butt-hurt about joining a server with some badass raid group that owns everyone and the person who got owned instantly assumes that there’s no way a group could have gotten those guns by themselves and the admin must have spawned them in for them…

"It’s downright ridiculous to say that commands that can be very useful tools to run a good server should be removed so that people can’t abuse them anymore.

You don’t like the way a server is administered? Stop weeping and find a new server. Stop picking at random and look around. There ARE servers where admins do not abuse their powers, and saying that there aren’t any is just retarded. "

This is a retarded statement. Obviously like the post says, every server I have tried has heavy admin abuse. I’m saying servers in the list, sorted by player numbers. I am not lying or exaggerating. The command needs to be removed since it is being abused 100%, or have some sort of limitation at least. That your server gets labeled in the list saying admin spawn tools are active so players can avoid it.

That could be a way to solve it.

Better server filtering to show if admins have the ability to spawn in items.