Admin abuse - over 9000

This is a portuguese server 2 days after a wipe, and the admin team they just exploded all my base (5 floor), even some metal foundations, pillars and ceilling), its to hard to find a server without admin abuse.
Here is a picture after their abuse

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Then play official servers if you don’t wanna find one.

Ya, choose between hackers on official or admin abuse on community. Personally i go with the hackers cause even though they can insta kill me and steal everything in my house, i still have my house, and friends. Admins can take everything with a ban.

There’s no admin abuse on the server. Wiped yesterday if you want to get in on the ground floor

Are you sure the decay rate isnt just set to 12hr decay or something?

I find it hard to believe an admin would waste this much time on destroying a base.

On another note…

Will someone please ban this idiot… hes hijacking threads left right and centre & flaming other peoples squads for absolutely no reason.

be sure to check out this server. The admin promises no abuse and plays the game fair. Basically, consider it a low-populated (recent start up), rarely wiped, official server with an admin and people to keep an eye on cheating/hacking/exploiting. Tell your friends if you would like.

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And to add onto my previous post, it’s rare to find community servers with admin abuse and treating the game as a creative mode. That being said, I hope they come out with a creative type of server where a bunch of players can do whatever they want and build as much as they want without the tedious work of farming resources so they can leave that kind of power in those servers and treat the ideal and survival Rust servers as so. I have a buddy who won’t even consider this game due to it’s early alpha phase and little building content (since he is huge on creative/sandbox games).