Admin Abuse Report - Viking Valley

Server name: Viking Valley
Type: community

Story + vidoes to follow

So me and two other friends raid a base that turns out to be the admin base. The admins seem very upset and all of their complaints were dealt with logically. However that didn’t stop them from reseting the whole server with no valid excuse. We lost everything we worked on including our bases and researches. We were playing the game as intended but the admins seem to want invulnurability on their server, which I believe should not be allowed.

Action Requested: Black Listed from community servers

Videos and proof of abuse:
The Admin Base Raid:
Admin Abuse p1:
Admin Abuse p2:

This is what you should expect from Admins Escobar and Excess Evil. If you do better than them or have a stronger team then them. They will just reset the server so you start from nothing and they spawn everything in. (I have proof of them spawning resources as we find a tall metal structure within 12 hours of the server starting)

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

Their server, their rules, find another one etc etc

Don’t play with them. Simple.

Come to my server; that’s not the way I intend to operate. As an admin, i exempt myself from normal combat cause frankly it’s not fair.

Tallios Server

They deleted everything we worked on, because we did better than them. The server should not be listed if they are going to delete all your work because they don’t like you. This will give Rust a bad image.

I known an Option of an other Game,that if a Server is reportet too much,their would be a sign (in this Case an Red Circle with ,Abuse, in it).
So everyone can see that their are much reports.

If someone Report a Server,their must be an Video of the abuse.

Maybe its something to Think about for Rust

Feel free to come and play on my server, our admins don’t mind if they get raided, we’ve just wiped today, and have an active and friendly community! Also, as your a streamer, we can protect you against stream sniping if it becomes an issue. If you want the server name, just drop me a message on the forums.

Although it’s their server and they have every right to do as they please, simply find a new server. It won’t be long before a server with admins like that find them selves playing alone. If a server owner wants to attract many players onto his/her server then admin abuse is one sure way to fail.

Try a good private server!
This is were my friends and I play.