Admin abuse/Rust updates/Dead servers....

Let me preface this post with a little background info.

Myself and about 15 other friends have been playing Rust since day 1. We LOVED it and stayed on playing entirely too long, eventually to get our own server. This was right about the time Garry decided to pull out zombies and replace them with red animals. This really seemed to tank the game,and after that update, it seemed lots of servers were abandoned. Just about all of us seemed to lose interest in the game and worked hard to get the server population back up. We tried every mod there was, every configuration from wild west to arena PVP. Eventually we decided just to not renew the server.

Its been a few months, and what time I play, I spend playing BF4 with a handful of the old crew. As we all know, games get old; some faster than others. We all seemed to be immersed in Rust until the lack of updates/support started. It just seemed the devs quit caring (After all, they made 20 mil the first quarter on this game).

I digress. Today, while we were teamed up on BF4, the topic of Rust came up. We had thrown around the idea of playing again, and decided to go ahead and give it a shot. We picked a server at random, and fought and died, and fought some more, in order to team up and begin building again. Eventually we all made it to a location that had some promise. We began farming, hunting, and resourcing in order to build up a small community. We were making progress, although slow, mainly hampered to a few on the server that just killed everyone on site.

What kicked this whole thing off (In my opinion), is one player on the server. Im not sure if he was the Admins friend, or just a long time player, but, this one person ended up in our camp trying to kill us all. He was outnumbered 7-1, yet came in guns blazing and killed 2 of us before I could take him down. After that it seemed he was on the hunt for us. He blindsided me while I was chopping rocks, and killed me. I didnt think much of it until he started his taunting in chat, stating “This is my valley, get out”. Well, I needed to resource, and there was 7 of us, and its just a game, right. So I went back out resourcing, and guess who came out shooting. Well, I killed him, and he respawned and I killed him again. Then I went back to the house to drop off resources, and one of my guys killed him again.

Here is where things just go wrong. Eventually, he ended up killing one of my guys. When my guy re-spawned back at the house, he says to me in teamspeak, “Who is 21Gusthebus”? I told him I hadnt a clue, and he told me that someone was invisible in our house and that name popped up. I asked who 21Gusthebus was in chat, and he replied “Admin”. I asked him why he was in our house invisible, which he ignored. 3 more times I called him out in chat, and he finally replied “I can do what I want, im an admin”. I asked him if we gave him a reason, and he said he can do whatever he wants because hes an admin, and if I dont like it I can STFU and GTFO if I dont like it. I advised him that was admin abuse and he told me that he has to in order to “see who is in his server.” I told him that if he was admin he should be able to see a real time list of who is in his server. Then he asked who I was, and I advised that I was an admin of a server and I know how it works. I again asked him what reason he had, and he said again, “because I can”.

This banter went back and forth, eventually a few of his cronies chimed in saying “if you dont like it, leave, etc” The individual earlier, that made the statement “this is my valley” chimed in, pretty much making it clear that he was a friend of admin and attempting to instigate things further. At this point I advised 21Gusthebus that I would go ahead and post a video of the ordeal to youtube. I didnt realize that my game was in windowed mode (shadowplay only works in fullscreen mode), so I exited out and logged back in so I could capture whatever else was said. As you can see from the video, it was all nonsense, and seemed he really didnt care to have any sort of stable server population. Also seen in chat is him calling airdrops for his friends at their request and making childish remarks.

When I told him that I would post this video to facepunch forums, he threatened me with a ban (he assumed I had the entire video), which he did regardless.

Ahh, but life goes on. The only reason I even wasted 15 minutes of my time typing this is because I said I would do it, so I did it. There is no benefit to me at all here.

Server in question is Aka: US Central Battlefield PVP

While i agree that most of this incident is on the admins head, The comment about “Real admins dont TP to People Randomly” I do not agree with. i TP at random to players on both our servers PvP and PvE just to observe. The reason for this is that even though “No Griefing” is in the title for the server, some folks just cant resist and need a boot in the ass. So TPing to players as an observer is legit practice for an admin.

I agree that admins teleporting randomly to people isn’t something bad . That way you can catch the “noob cheaters” that speed or fly from time to time when no1’s around + especially if the admin is mostly just “admining” rather than playing . It was his bad though for being rude and not saying anything when he tped but you saying that it isn’t normal for an admin to randomly tp to others is plain wrong and then later you will complain about cheaters on X and Y server(where the admin does nothing else but plays or isn’t coming on at all)

I would have to disagree with you for many reasons. As an admin myself, I NEVER teleported to anyone without probable cause i.e. someone claiming they were hacking, videoed them hacking, griefing, etc.

Porting to people, expecially newbs seems sketchy at best, and drives away players on the server. Case in point, the above listed experience. That server admin just lost a total of 8 players on his server because he:

  1. TP to one of us for no reason
    2.When called out on it his reply was “Because I can, thats why. STFU or GTFO”
  2. Could not provide ANY reason to do what he did, and we all initially assumed he was a hacker because of his, not-so-tactful remarks.
  3. Calling airdrops in for his buddies whenever they asked for one.
    5.Banning me because I questioned his motive. NONE of us did anything at all in the wrong, but he decided to ban me anyways after spending a grand total of 1 hour on that server.

What I gather is, everyone is ok with the above, and I am just an asshole? I think some here would react differently if it happened to you.

This is the logic of the rust community.

Do not complain about admin abuse on privert servers, its there server, they can do what they want.
Do not complain about hackers on offical servers, as there is privert servers you can play on instead with active admins.
Do not complain about anything because this game is in development.

Basically The whole STFU and GTFO, applies to rust as a whole, not just to the indivudal server.

Deal with the way the game is run, after all they already have your money and there is nothing you can do about it.

Or leave.

Personally i still linger around, just tried the offical servers(after a month away). In space of 45 mins, i encountered 4 different hackers who killed me, and saw 2 other hackers who were speed running.

All 6 were different players, Let alone the fact of endless lag due to these huge ass hacker created buildings loading and unloading making it pretty unplayable.

But yea, what can we do… Wait… Pray they give a shit and it all changes.

I’m glad I haven’t had the misfortune of playing on your servers.

Admin doesn’t need a reason to tp to players. Deal with it.
His reasoning was perfectly fine, if not rude and unprofessional.
He’s obviously just jumping around watching different players to catch unawares hackers.
Calling airdrops because the people of the server are asking for it is perfectly fine. If that’s the game they want to play, they’re entitled to it.
I do disagree with him banning you, but i can understand it after you berated him constantly after a harmless teleport.

You have no idea how many cheaters you can catch by teleporting randomly rather than doing it when someone says “X hacks” if X really hacks he will shut them down immediately and ofc in this case I’m talking about the “bad” hackers that speed/fly many times not about the silent aimers(there’s quite a good method for them too but it was unique on our server , never seen it done on others but I won’t write it here for everyone to see) + as a fact I was barely playing at all when I had the server , I was only “admining” but even if some other admins wish to play more on their server and also do that I don’t see the problem as long as they don’t check your boxes, walk around the house to see its weaknesses or check your position for other reasons than to simply see if you are cheating or not.

+I never said that the admin you were talking about did something good as instead of telling you that he is simply checking he was rude and I also want to mention that you guys probably have barely any experience in the game if when you see someone invisible you think he is a hacker, but yeh if someone wants to have a successful server they need to be professional about it(by that I mean not insulting people when they simply don’t know something as it was in your case with the invisibility) if not then it’s his choice in the end if he wants to play with 50+ players or 10.

My problem is with dead servers, and WAY TOO MANY FUCKING SERVERS for its crumbling player base.

Like the first 5 pages have more than 10 players.

The next 11-20 pages have like 10 ~ 4 players.
The next 21-30 drops from 4~1
Then there is a few pages with just 1 player
Then the next 50 pages are empty servers.

Oh Also forgot, the first 1 page is nothing but russian hacked servers showing max players, when infact they have <10 players on them.

This whole game is nothing but a joke now. After 6 months It continues to get worse and worse day by day.

The only reason privert servers were introduced was because they knew it was another way to make huge amounts of money. (I hate privert servers, i PAID FOR A GAME TO BE RUN OFFICALLY WITH DECENT OFFICAL SERVERS)

Facepunch really NEED to clean up offical servers and take care of them, if they truly are a game development company and actually care about this game, leaving them in they state they are now, and never doing anything further shows nothing but money grabbers.

I once got banned on one of the few UK servers because the administrator there was scared that I was exposing his C4 rave-party, all the players stayed silent whilst I questioned why this house had no walls, why doorways were damaged by at least 1 C4 whilst the doors were destroyed. Tell me if anyone you know builds bases like that, otherwise it is safe to say I was permanently banned from this server because the admin there got scared that I’m exposing his abuse.

we always have 20+ each night. Solid, active admins.