Admin Abuse Server - Do not play on "M4,KEVLAR,PLUS MORE [STARTER]INSTA CRAFT/FULL PVP"

If you are looking for a non admin abusive server do not Play on - M4,KEVLAR,PLUS MORE [STARTER]INSTA CRAFT/FULL PVP these admin will run around in godmode and kill you multiple times and then open all your doors so others can take your loot then come back later and destroy your base foundation and all. There was only one good admin I talked to and his name was Andy, but the server owner will ban you for streaming, talking about admin abuse or anything of the sort.

Server Address :

I would suggest you spend your time playing where you wont have the hassle of crappy admin abuse on a server.

Before getting banned today i ran around talking to people about the admin abuse and got at least 15 people to stop playing on the server.

umadbro you got banned for constantly saying everything was admin abuse we told you not to build anything over 4x4x10 u built 10x10x20 there for i removed the whole base thought it was fair punishment then you procedded to cry about it so i banned you cause i dont need little kids playing on an adult server :wink: ty and have a wonderfull day and again i say umadbro?

Its ok “bro” you can say whatever lies you want, but i followed the rules of the server base and all. But this isn’t a rant post this is an informative post. Trying to antagonize someone on a post just shows how childish a server admin really is. I bid you a good day kid. May your server players realize your abuse and leave.

In case anyone wants the other side of the story:

Bankai and his two buddies were built up in Next Valley. That’s where I was planning to build, so I go over there, and of course they all decide to fight in a mob, because, well…it’s Rust. After a few times at it, I’m finally able to get a little 2 story tower up to defend in and Bolt Action them. They get frustrated and put up a 3x3 wall to block my line of fire to their base, which I found pretty amusing. So, with /remove available, to ALL players, I pick up my shit and go, with a farewell message along the lines of: “Farewell kiddies, I’ll be back tomorrow. Get nice and fattened up for me.”

So, the next day, we’re roaming around causing havoc, because, well…it’s a PvP with Kevlar + M4 starters (who takes that seriously?). We see Bankai and his friends coming up on the kill messages a few times, so I say to the team “Oh! Those kids, let’s go troll them again.” Let’s face it…everyone loves trolling on Rust; be it a little, or a lot. We head over and do some damage. They retreat and one of the players blows into the base with his own C4. (They can say what they want, it’s conjecture in any case, because you guys weren’t there.) After doing a raid on their stash, one of the players says, “Hey, guys, I’m going to lay down a sleeping bag where they had theirs and suicide in later.”

Let me explain a few things that will help:

Our server has no backpack drops on death, unless killed by an animal. Our server also has, well, had I should say, a TPA plugin. (It was found to cause lag, so was removed just today.)

Continuing, our buddy suicides in, finds that it’s owners are out being bandits, and says, “Guys! TP to me quick!” So, we come in and they got “rekt” again. This leads them to believe that I had used my admin powers to get in their base, and, well, you get the rest.

During this time they tell us over mic that they don’t care, because Andy already gave them everything back. Now, Andy, of course, is a sweetheart, and probably heard their story, and was feeling bad, so he gave them a bunch of stuff to appease them, and let them continue playing. But, I’m not gonna lie, that ticked me off a bit, because it took some time, C4, and ingenuity to do the damage we did. Well…oh, well.

Kung.fu, server owner comes on, who was with us during the initial raid, and I tell him that Andy gave them all their stuff back plus 2000 planks (that’s their claim). They also claimed to have built a new base with it. Kung.fu, also being a nice guy, gave the player that used his C4 some satchels back to compensate and be fair. He also goes to check out the base that got raided and sees that it’s been vacated. So, he tears it down. The guy cries incessantly to kung.fu, was disrespectful and eventually got a ban.

So, that’s my side of the story. Believe what you may. As I said before, the facts rest in the past, and both sides can tell you their story; the rest is conjecture.

On a side note, we capped out the 100 slot server today, and still maintain a steady population of at least 30 players during normal hours. Are those 15 you claim to have removed from our community missed? Maybe. Some of them probably built up some friendships on the server with players. Ultimately, though, it’s a server that someone who is NOT you, paid for. It’s open to the public, but…and I’m sure you’ve heard this before, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” If a player doesn’t feel this is the right server for them, they also have the right to leave and find another community. I think anyone who’s been an admin for any game server anywhere can agree: complaining, and disrespect get you nowhere, fast.

ok thx bye! :slight_smile:

way to sum up our admin abuse .phase the point behind the ban was not because he Shadow played us or streamed us to a Youtube post which made me laugh none the less i maintain a 100 slot server which week days usually sits at about 70 players and weekends tops out full you say u took players away from me if anything i do wanna say thanks for the post and bringing more attention to the detial i take in programming plugins and such its been a real insperation to make top news of some small time player. i dont not intend to poke fun at this player but lets be real this post was accepted i should have the right to defend my server at that if i be banned im ok with that my server does healthy enough i have no need to advertise on forums to get people in it :slight_smile: ty and have a good day mate