Admin Abuse Stories

Hello fellow rust folks!
I’m pretty sure we’ve all been on a server with abusive admins, and have a few stories…
Let’s hear them!

 This occured literally on the first server I joined when I bought Rust. I have learned my ways, and gained reputation on this first server. One day, an admin was clearly abusing (dropping several airstrikes near his base, no idea why...) and I said that's he's abusing his provilleges as an admin. What did he have to say? ... /ban Divineartisan :)
And that's when I moved servers.

Not the best servers, but I'm sure we have some better ones!
  1. admins have no control over the location of the random loot drops, they can only summon them and see where they land
  2. its called a smoke signal you jackass
  3. if he was going to admin abuse why wouldnt he just use the inv.giveitem command to spawn everything directly into his inventory instead of fucking around with airdrops

thanks for sharing

Normal players accuse admins of abuse every time they lose. Some people just can’t accept it.

Legend of Robbo, I know the items in Rust, and was calling me a jackass necessary you ignorant 12 year old?
I said it to troll them and they banned me for saying it.

This is a sharing thread, not a flaming thread. Get out of here

I got one! The admins on this server were trolling me and it sucked. Not sure why they did this the way they did it but they did.

I had found this neat server with very active admins to play on. Seemed like great people. I set my base up wayyyyy out in the wasteland to avoid it getting raided. While working on constructing it and chatting about being a new player (as i was relatively new) one of the admins popped out to where i was. Said hey, we chatted in voice for a bit and then he dropped me a stack of wood planks to help out with my construction.

I thought cool, neat, and used them to get shit together. Got my base setup. A nice two story construction with lots of metal barred windows for seeing out over the landscape near home. I tell everyone goodnight and log out. Next day, after work, i log in and find all my wood and metal gone. No walls missing, nor doors, and all doors worked properly. I figured 'Fine. Some dude must have broke in and replaced my walls after. Oh well, no big deal. So I resume playing for the day. Move shop, build a smaller house somewhere well far away. Admin pops up after my talk about my home being raided so i moved shop. We talk for a bit and he sticks around to help me put up walls, ceilings, etc.

That night I made progress beyond construction. I got guns now. Not just metal and wood but i have an MP5 and shottie! I research em and move on. Announce im going to bed and say goodnight. Log out. Then I remember, hold on. I didnt hide my guns or my metal in one of my small stashes out in the mountain. So i log in… It has been maybe 5 minutes and hwen i log in there’s the admin who has been helping me. In my house. The doors are broken down. He looks at me. Kills me. When I check my crates out he took everythin.

I am not sure why he didn’t just spawn shit in his inventory like he was doing to help me build. But hey, i just silently decided to move servers. New server is great and still my home when i play :slight_smile:

I have 2;

First server i join with my mates, we tell them were all newbies to the game (just purchased) so one of the many admins on the server pop over to us, help us with a little clothing, food, and building supplies. We tell the admin what our plans are and start construction, admin helps us gives us tips and all of that good stuff.

Right near to our completion of the building we decide to go raiding on the server just for a little fun. The admin which was helping us build tagged along in non-admin mode and helped us raid a base.

Apparently the guys that we raided were friends with the owner of the server, so he cried and got our friend the admin banned, and the server wiped…we took the nice admin who was helping us out and moved to a new server…which leads me to my second story…

So we join a new server, a few extra friends in tow. To a server which has one admin who says “I dont cheat by giving items to myself or my friends and if you say anything of the sort you will be banned”

Lo and behold admin has full kevlar + fully modded M4, guess what, all his buddies do also.
They proceed to kill my friends and I as were out scavenging for items, we were brand new so we asked if we could have our items back. Admin says yeah no problem come and get it, we go to claim our stuff back and more than half of it is gone. When we asked about it he said, oh, i gave this to one person, and that to another person.

I mean I understand that part of the game is killing and looting people, but its one thing to kill and loot the body, and another thing all together when you say to a newbie, yes you can have your stuff back come and get it…when its mostly all gone.

My friends & I had enough, we ended up renting our own server where we know the admins wont abuse…we are the admins now.

As an admin myself - to troll players I TP to around 8000 feet into air, fill bag with supply signals and set them off as i fall.

This creates a huge-ass amount falling down that de-spawn just as they reach the ground :slight_smile:

jk, btw - i soon sort players out with goodies :stuck_out_tongue:

There is some admin abuse? yeah for sure, but there are a lot of whiners too!

everyday me and my folks raid some ppl base and everyday they start brag when they get one of us killed. if the raid is succesful they start whining about how i dupe c4 because i’m admin.

so now i’ve 2 nicknames, one when i’m on admin mode and one when i’m actually playing. also i created a rule to allow ban this whiners, so i advertise once and if they keep saying shit I unleash ban hammer on them.