ADMIN ABUSE, WARNING TO OWNER OF /// DemotriteGaming:NoDecay,9mmStarter,Teleporting,NoD ura,Shop,Inst

Hi my IGN is 2SHAE,

Please be advised player Admin Versatiled uses admin rights to cheat in Rust.

Just wanted to let you know there is an Admin on this server (DemotriteGaming:NoDecay,9mmStarter,Teleporting,NoDura,Shop,Inst) called “Versatiled” who previously has been banned from another server called Aerugo. Which has now been shut down! due to not enough players.

He on numerous occasions has abused his rights as admin. Things like tping back to his base after being shot twice within sleeping bag timers, Spawning in gear, Removing parts of building whilst raiding, locating peoples bases after they have moved also has banned people for killing him. The list goes on…

Just wanted to try to contact the owner to let him know that his server WILL loose population due to this admin.


People will hate you for reporting this and say that there’s plenty of other servers.

There’s no quality control with servers, so I can say fairly confidently nearly all populated modded/community servers are terrible for a multitude of reasons, I’ve yet to see a mod who hasn’t been utilising their powers.

Hi Kris101,

I was simply letting the owner and other server owners know of this player. There was no reason for you to give negative feedback as this msg was directed to the owners and noone else.


Well, actually i don’t have any permission for /give or RCON also i’ve never /tp nor /tpr in combat and that is not a rule anymore so your arguments are invalid…

The banning for getting killed:
Reasons, hackers and trolls.
Also the smartass that doesn’t comprehend the stuff i say nor the rules.

The removing bits of buildings is called /remove its a command you can use for your own foundations, you are too butthurt for your own good.

u can join my server i do not abuse powers i bought a server for my friends to play on because they wanted active admins and no cheaters i barely play the game but bought the server so people can play and have fun while playing legit