Admin Abuse

Hey guys just wondering if it is possible to find who owns servers as I was currently playing on Rustmania server which was all fine been playing on it for a few days with 3 other friends. Due to the server being a PvP server we built up like usual got all geared up and decided to raid some people and because the people did not like that we raided their houses which I cannot stress enough was on a PvP server they complained and cause the admin was on, we decided to build a massive tower for no reason, so the admin got our names tp’d too us in god mode and started spawning in C4 to blow us up and then started kicking us off the server and killed us and then finally banned me, which in my eyes is just pure admin abuse as we could not defend ourselves as he was in god mode and didn’t kill us legit which has really annoyed me hence for wanting to know the owner of that server to make a complaint.


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Find a better server… These kiddy 12yr old servers will die off when their mums notice that they are too fat and need to go outside…

Ha it’s just annoying though cause the server was decent until this happened, the thing that annoyed me was we had finished our massive house which was very secure, so much gear etc. It just feels like I played all the time, enjoyed it just to get kicked off the server cause the admin was butthurt?

I was on a server for 6hr with some friends, whole house is blown up, and my friends saw the owner and admins run up with leather, then start spawning in Kevlar, explosives and weapons… These servers are just annoying, you think it’s a good server, then you die from a 12yr old with god mode…

Pretty much only been on one decent server

You should join my server. It can be found in the “Rust Servers” subforum posted under this name. I am the only admin so far and only spawn items to build open buildings to add to the map. Although I usually KOS, after getting players to populate the server we have basically all banded together and have built a mini city off the coast of town. Theres already 9+ people living right next to each other with no RAIDs or battles yet. Eventually there will be PvP fights when we get many more players but for now it is a good spot for new players trying to get a hold on how to build up without being slaughtered. I hope to see you all there. :slight_smile:

So many annoying 12 year olds who steal their moms credit cards…

It’s just loads of BS these kids that cause they have a slight bit of power over a game get butthurt so ruin it for others and Insightknight I would be me and my friends enjoy being bandits

Well you should join with your buddies on our server. We tolerate all kinds of players types from PvE to PvP to RP. We want to keep the game as “free roam” as possible as to stay true to the sandbox gameplay.

Sadly this happen.

i have a server and we only ban on it for glitching and griefing.

i have two examples of such bui clan were on and i had admin suit on and tp to them.
in a metal base next to rocks all seemed fine until i had heard people walking on wood .
so i tp’d to another one of the clan and sure enough they had glitched intothe rocks and had setup a base in there.
i proceeded to ask them to more out and gave them a few mins to do so, however they didn’t so out came the uber hatchet and i destroyed everything and boxed the house up and then banned them from the server.

The second example was my newly built house had been raided and then the raider proceed to start to grief do i tp’d to him and killed and banned him.

R U S T P V P . N E T

stop playing in bad servers, and stick to the original hosters that maintained a 100% Official unadmin abused experience. They also have official servers hosted now try one of those, REMEMBER playing on a hosted server is optional

Solid web design. :slight_smile: