Admin abuse ?

when is a admin abusing ?

when he break the rules set for the specific server he admins on, using his admin powers/status

Well, when you’re talking about servers.

I would say Admin abusing is when an admin is using his rights / powers to both help himself and other players. And by using his powers to help others I mean giving people stuffs, spawning stuffs, spawning airdrops etcetc.

I would say that is admin abusing.

he teleport a friend to someone let him kill that guy and teleport my friend back

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yeaah that’s all the stuff he is doing

That is admin abusing at a high level, and I don’t even get how that is fun.

I would recommend you to find a new server with fair admins, because he’s ruining the fun in playing and also he’s making it really unfair for those who doesn’t get anything while some do.

today we had a big fight with the admin group i killed the admin but he teleport back and spawned stuff

I know the Rust Server thread is for advertising but it sounds like your playing on a terrible server.

I call what you experienced telleport raiding and its BAD.

You are welcome to play on my server and get away from that kind of admin abuse.

I am the only admin on my server and I can honestly say that admin abilities makes the game less fun for both the admin and the players.

On my server the telleport function gets used but its for me to help noobs who are lost not for raiding.

If you are interested in a quality server visit my thread in the RUST SERVERS area and read up on my server as well as the other quality servers.

Hope to see you on my server , if not just on a better server with no admin abuse.

For more information about my server check out our steam group.

garrettgf aka Rokit.sot
shoot me an [EMAIL=“”]email if you have more questions or just post a reply.

I have to say I play on Rokit’s server, I have yet seen him abuse his admin. Although he will run around nekkid and shoot people with arrows…but he wont be in god mode and if you kill him you will love the loot he drops!:rock:

and hes very helpful to newer players to the server.

Hey Leffe, this is my server, I feel that you like playing here, I love helping out new players, I am the ONLY admin, and never use my powers.
Go to the console(f1) and type net.connect

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Come join us! Friendly group of players!
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haha SKOLLIE I don’t understand you but I actually agreed with your statement it was very point blank just not very specific. No need to tag everything DUMB. I was plugging my server but I was offering a resolve his admin abuse problem. More than answering that “admin abuse is when an admin abuses his power by breaking rules set by the server admin”

Do you follow this guy around and spam this every time? I have seen this message twice now…

if it fits where we can get new members on the server hell yeah im gonna put it! and putting it out two times is hardly spam.

Yeah they’re working hard to whore their server out. But they are to lazy to do anything but copy paste…

Piss off bacon, I have only cut and pasted 1 focking post…wtf is it with you people?
and wth is wrong with pimping a server to get nerds on it?

So now you’re trying to whore it out while insulting the people you want to come play. Seems legit. :slight_smile: