Name - [BR] Cruzados
ip -

Admin Name - paulooliveira a.k.a Paulo Oliveira

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this guy should be banned

you can’t do anything against private server admins…

find another server. the best offense against these idiot admins is them not having any players online

I’ll make sure to avoid this server

I would never join a Brazilian server anyway, that’s just bad news to begin with.

Just play on the official servers, honestly, these private servers don’t have much else to offer except the possibility of this happening.

Yea i farmed a private server alll day and had a nice house with 9 metal doors, come back the next day to all my stuff gone and all 9 metaldoors gone… buddy of mine said it was an admin with his buddies… this is ridiculous… what a waste of money

  1. This game is in alpha. That was your first warning when you decided to spend your money.

  2. Private server owners can be immature as they like, and that’s not the devs’ fault. Find a better server to play on.

yea shouldve said waste of time, not money. and yea its not the Devs fault… they could care less as long as they make there money…

I think you don’t understand the concept of private server {rented by people} and official server that the dev team made,

The private server is rented (so owned for a period of time) to the customer who paid for it
They can do whatever the heck they like with it. if they want to twist each others nuts all day they can and there isn’t anything to do about it cause its not the dev server as easy as that…

Also I find it #dumb to complain such a thing here -.-

I think you don’t know that some official server is owned by some random people/team and selected by the dev team. So not made and administrated by dev team.

There are enough servers with normal owners and admins.
Like mine hehe :slight_smile: Like 50 players online at a time and lots of friendly players. I actually got lucky with my player core.

Wish I could join your server Ontox lol.

Just started mine up 2 days ago and the whole community is friendly. Some people decide to hunt others but everyone is nice about it haha. It’s open all the time if you wanna pop in and check it out.


Or if you wanna contact me to be sure.
steam - revolutionezpz

This is why private servers suck… There needs to be more official servers!

private servers are good if they got good and active admins.

i got a big server with always 25+ ppl on cause we got securely selected admins that never abuse, and if so there powers will be revoked instantly.

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indeed so they work under the dev teams supervision.

Admin abuse can be really frusterating in this game, but I still prefer non-official servers simple because the official ones are so jam packed the game is nearly unplayable for me – Can’t find resources, dozens of people running around with Kevlar and M4’s, etc.

Shameless plug: Our server is turning out quite nice so far, with a stable, lower server pop.

Type net.connect in the console (at the main menu with the server browser closed)

I lol’d.