admin abuse

Hi guys

I was playing on a server with 2 friends and we were having a laugh in the side chat and we killed 1 guy who happened to be a friend of the admin and he reported us to him and now the admin OmegaProjectZero ( was using the fact that he was an admin (admin abuse) to try and find us and kill us. On the server there was nothing that said no PVP or anything we killed one person and now the admin is trying to hunt and kill us his server is UltimateRustCarnage and I was wondering is there anyway we can report the server/admin for what he has done?. Any help would be apretiated.

Nope their server their rules
Dont like it play official server or community server without admin abuse :slight_smile:

Give Binary Gaming’s Server a shot.


We don’t tolerate noob killing or admin abuse :smiley:

But was he using admin commands to find you or kill you?

If he was just simply trying to find you and kill you that’s not exactly abuse, just sort of playing the game.

you don’t tolerate noob killing

damnit, seriously, why do people bitch about killing fresh spawns… the number of people who have come up to me, naked, asking for shit, then attacking when i open inventory… there is a legitimate reason for it,
they lose: nothing
you lose: weapon, armor, ammo, food

And then you have to deal with hackers which is almost the same as admin abuse except one server might have 50 hackers and non official servers usually only have a few admin