admin abuse

Hey I do not know who to turn to, but I want to report an admin came to my house and killed me with urben hatchet
And blew my house with c4 and gave me a Ban

server name: [UK] ​​MK-Gaming Noob Friendly PvP No Lags NewServer

We can’t do anything about this.

Join another server. Facepunch can’t control what admins of their own servers do.

thats lame… but if ur looking for an other server :wink: let me know:)

Not that anyone here can do anything but just to confirm that server as being run by a bunch of guys who were trying hard but eventually ended up banning one of my friends because a regular 10+ ‘group’ who basically just raid everyone cried about him hacking. When he was building a house with me. When I questioned the admin about it on chat he said ‘We’ve got loads of complaints about him and now he’s banned has the hacking stopped?’ over the chat. ‘Yes’ were the replies from the regulars, who probably have hacking mates they can control. Glad to see someone else is advertising their mistreatment, stay away from that one folks.

The admins have friends who are regulars, the moment someone spoils their domination they complain to the admin in private about hacks etc. until he gets fed up and bans the players at the request of regulars. It’s up to them of course being their server, but the regular groups are a bunch of smack talking kids with giant bases. The moment you become even a minor threat they do their best to get the admins to ban you. I know this because in a couple days of playing I had the main admin Evultoad TP to me about 10 times, at the time I just thought he was being conscientious, now I see that my presence there was making someone feel uncomfortable.

Do the only thing you can do, which is quit and join another server. I did.