Admin Abuse?

Doe’s anyone know if a logfile or mod exists so I can keep track of my admins including what they load/spawn into the server? I’ve looked at the Rusty Console log and it does show “x amount went into z inventory” but doesnt say who’s or if it was “inv.giveplayer” loaded into game or was bought with my Economy Mod, and it isn’t time stamped either :frowning:

Any suggestions how I can find out this info so I can keep my server clean from abusive admins?

You can check currently available plugins here:

or here:

Ah, if you can’t directly see what your administrators are doing, I can 100% guarantee they’ve already been mass-abusing.

Sorry that this post isn’t that helpful but the only way you’re going to have a clean admin team is to see logs of every admin command they’ve used, that way you can find out why there’s such a steep increase of C4-indulgent raids. No second chances with admin abuse like that, good luck with your server!

I use Magma so I don’t give my other admin the ability to spawn items at all. If he needs something spawned I do it for him. Full control = no problem. He can spawn an invisible suit, uber hatchet, instako, kick, mute, ban and unban. That’s it.

I don’t wish to stop usinf oxide tbh. I just need a way to know whats being loaded in.

Can’t you do the same with Oxide? I’m sure they have a plugin for what you want and if not you can request it in their forums.

Not sure tbh, I’ve gone and asked. I just need a raw log of everything with a timestamp and who’s inventory is recieving the suspicious items i see.

Example currently I only see “Gave 50 Explosive Charges to 1 Inventory” without a timestamp or any indication of the source or the inventory recieving.

Hi gar2th,

I own my own server and can view everything in a log file.

May I ask who your server provider is?



dont give your admins rcon access…use oxide and install the Oxmin plugin. That way , you can limit what they can and cant do and it keeps logs of admin actions

You’re an idiot with trust issues.