Admin abuse

Want to spread awareness and report the owner for active ingame interference like prohibiting item despawn or base code sharing, spreading admin / owner only knowledge informations , instant banning people for reporting his abusivness via F7 report and insulting them via ban reason

Did this happen in an official server?


I don’t think so.

You should report the admin to the server owners then, but since they allowed him to be admin in the first place it’s more likely that the whole server is corrupt, so it’s better to not even bother, that’s Rust.

The sad thing it is the owner himself. So there was only the F7 report option which he monitors and instant banned me for that. :confused:

Yeah, sounds just in line for your typical Rust server, you’re better off playing on official servers, unless those are festered with hacker lmao idk haven’t touched rust in years.

welcome to Rust! get use to it!