Admin Abuse

This new admin of the RP server brutalized and banned a fellow innocent player who has not broken any rules of the server (laying dead against the wall), and now the admin abuser struggles to ban this harmless player who witness the ban. While the admin is about to blow his final strike with his ban stick, all of a sudden the owner of the server (behind the abuser) pulls out his deagle and aims for his head to put an end to the abuser’s reign of terror.

Don’t use construct for a pose.

  • GM_Construct
  • Bad posing
  • What’s going on?
  • Stock blood
  • Bad graphics

Did I miss anything?

Needs better lighting, and a better map. The posing looks great


Also the combine elite needs to aim down his sights

are you dumb

hey no arguing at my thread, let’s settle these with proper manners not childish name calling.

Read above on whats going on jeez.

and also this is my second image.

Nothing against you guys but it clearly says on the rules that if the pose needs GM_Construct to make sense then its allowed, if the picture is Admin/user themed(Obviously on Gmod) then I think that rule doesn’t apply.

But I completely agree in the fact that the posing needs some work, the graphics needs to be max’d and the picture needs a better angle.

Finaly a usefull constructive criticism, thank you for the tips on how to improve the effects of my screenshot. Next time I’ll make sure I will apply these tips in my next picture.

If it’s on RP he could have chosen downtown :colbert:

The posing is pretty, uh, rancid.
The camera angle is unimaginative
The idea itself is unimaginative, it’s been done before and it’s only worth looking if it’s quality.

Also, only come up with “back stories” for your images when you’re actually good enough to warrant putting one in.


Also you sound like a brown noser.

Accept the C&C and move on.
A list of the negatives also helps, such as what Haxxer posted earlier.


also he is

he’s the 14 year old who used webmd and thought he had diabetes and erectile dysfunction and did a bunch of other stupid stuff.

Wow great detail and editing I love your posing talent and graphics I thought this was a photo

are you troll :downs:
aw shit…

Well, everyone has their opinion on what is great and what is not.


I don’t want to start a flame war on someone’s innocent thread.
But are you pissed off because I called you a furry?


If that was sarcasm, then that is very mean.

why would i be pissed off?
i love me some furry pornography whoo wheee lets get in the truck and fire up the shotguns yeehaw

i’m just never going to let you live down thinking you have ED @ 14

also, this picture is terrible, how could you even THINK it was good?
it’s obvious you don’t spend much time here.

I only said the posing looks good… he just needs to improve on the lighting…

Also I am kinda/sorta blind when it comes to detecting the darkness of something

The posing is terrible, what are you talking about? There is like zilch fingerposing, and I’ve never seen someone (the marshmallow combine) been in a shooting stance as ridiculous as that.

There is a fair amount of clipping and it looks like all their butts aren’t tucked in.

Maybe its time to stop arguing with someone who has their own honest opinion and make your own honest opinion without telling the others “NOEZ YOU ARE WRONG 14 YEAR OLD!”, I accept any opinion but I dont accept arguments in my threads.

My opinion is that you should learn to deal with the amount of assholery around here.

My opinion is that I wasn’t calling him wrong because he’s 14.

My opinion is that he’s an idiot because he thinks he has erectile dysfunction AT 14.

Now, before you go on being the presumptuous pompous person (alliteration!) I assume you to be, you should probably come to terms with reality that you’re inhabiting a board of assholes who will argue where and when they like, despite the bans being doled out every day. :clint:

Not every one here is asshole…just a rather large amount.

Yeah, on the citizen, I mean, blue during *this *season? Seriously…

Your a good frined of mine XAxox but i dont think we need admin for server 4 but some one with just the kill command to stop players from getting in that dam house and c4 is not a big issue all servers use c4. But idunno server 4 is also a admin free place its kool the way it is i just wish it would stop goin down

…What does that have to do with anything?