Admin Abusers Orlok, Zilcho

Hello guys just been on a server its called Multiplay ::UK PVP|Oxide|Wiped 26/1/14|AirDrops|Sleeper the admins seemed ok at first helping you out then I got some gear and a clan called Bros raided me so then it was war I killed lots of them with a pickaxe I then stole there stuff they started complaining and the admin started telling me to stop being a troll and killing them even tho’ they killed me, I then checked the admins friends and it was one of the clan members I carried on playing managed to get a P250 and loads of ammo I then went over to their base and chased one of the guys into there base killed him stole his stuff blow his own wall to get out of his base, I ran of course then the admins where following me while they where invisible and the clan Bros accused me of hacking for going through a metal door even tho’ I was behind him when he opened it and closed it. The admin carried on following me, and I thought hes just going to kill me. So I jumped into the sea, so nobody would get the gear. I then destroyed all of my chests to stop them, then they fired a admin gun blew our walls off and started shooting at us, so I wasted the C4 I had so nobody got it. They then said I was trolling and banned me.

I advise you stay away from the server they will just ruin your stuff and waste your time and effort. They are in a group with the admins so they spawn stuff in for them so stay away from the server admin abusers cried like girls when we owned there team I recommend you stay away and get a better server so you are not wasting your time.

Calling out servers and people is stupid

If you got a problem with the server’s management, leave and move on

Just warning other people not to bother with the server so they don’t waste their time.