Admin banned me for this clip. What do you think?

In short, the admin (rusty) was saying that I was 48-2 in 24 hours and there was no way that I could possibly be a legitimate player… His server is filled with scrubs who literally just run at me and have horrible aim. The admin demands me to stream and I comply. 5 minutes later I’m banned for alleged ESP. Nothing feels better than spending 50+ hours in the server making a base and killing kids and getting banned…

Can you please tell me what looks fishy in this video? What’s your opinion?

That’s some bad… bad kids. This is what I am talking about. Every single person who think’s they’re awesome gets killed swears the other guy was cheating, and in no possible way could you have killed them legit.

No worries man I stopped counting the amount of servers I got banned from… using a bow.

I guess I got off easy. I’ve only been banned from only 2 servers due to alleged “ESP and aimbotting”.

It’s hilarious to me because there are actually people cheating their asses off who don’t get banned… Oh well. I guess I’ll just read a book or find a different game to play. 50 hours of my life wasted is no big deal I guess. I had a lot of fun building my base and trying to survive, too bad I couldn’t progress more.

That’s Legacy for ya right there.

I lost count after #15? must be around 30 total… I did a lot of raiding… lots of people imagined i was aim botting with a bow… from 10m away… yep…

Kinda blows if you invested 50 hours into one server, and got that ban. Badmins to the max.

Those 50 hours of your life would have been wasted anyway, gaming is not productive.

Never kill an admin.
I hope you have your lesson learned.

Me and Meward get banned from almost every single server.
Mostly German Servers. Someday, you will rape the Admin…
… and the only thing he can do then… is swing the hammer.

True, but at least it wouldn’t have felt like a waste. If you are enjoying yourself enough, I don’t think that time is wasted even though it isn’t productive.

Come to think of it, I think that’s what happened. He finally got fed up.

Being able to prove that someone is abusing admin powers like this means that the admins server should be removed permanantly.

Myeah this is why I don’t settle on any server. So many things will ruin it and make you leave the server including getting banned, that’s it’s just a waste to spend 5+ hours on a server.

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That’s the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. Server owners pay money for servers, they can do anything they want with it.