Admin Cam - No admin abuse

So, I spend a lot of time doing admin stuff for my server. Occasionally I like to play, but every time I kill someone, the kid cries that I’m abusing my powers and I have to either send him a video of the last 30 minutes or he just leaves the server in a strop. For me, after hundreds of hours of work on the server, it’s a kick in the teeth every time.

So, in an attempt to combat all the kids that think all admins abuse their powers, I give you my new twitch channel. I will always have this turned on when I’m playing Rust so you guys can all watch as I play.

I appreciate that most people on the forum don’t actually play on my server, but I’m trying to set an example for admins and trying to make a point that not all community servers are filled with abusive admins. If you have the hardware to do it, it takes about 15 minutes to set up.

If you think this is dumb, please let me know why :smiley: I’m always worried about posting retarded posts.

You can access my twitch account here:
There IS a net.connect on the video title, so if you don’t want to be exposed to this level of advertising, you don’t have to click the link. However, I would like to still welcome you to discuss the idea. I’m sure I’m not the first to do it and won’t be the last, so it might be good to hear about other guys who are doing the same sort of thing etc etc.

When we say no admin abuse, we mean no admin abuse.

Thats strange, I never have this problem. I’ve killed, raided, and wiped out my fellow players and they never seem to care…they normally just come back with more buddies lol. At times they even look forward to me going out and laying waste to the server. Are you running a vanilla or modded server?

modded server. It’s mainly PVE with some huge PvP zones so when I have nothing to do I run around in the pvp zones. Maybe havign PvE in the title attracted to many weak willed players :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, that’ll do it. From playing quite a bit I’ve also noticed that on modded servers (depends on the mod on the server of course) players are a little softer. The vanilla server have a bit more hardcore player base IMO

My wife plays sat next to me without any admin powers. Even she’s been accused of admin abuse :smiley: It’s ridiculous. Hopefully we will gain some more like minded players soon and actually have a decent amount of players online :smiley:

If you are an admin, you shouldn’t play on your server. Just admin.

Oh ya, theres a great idea. then when something goes wrong on your own server your never there to fix it or to catch the hacker. That would build a big population… Just in case you cant sense the sarcasm, i find your statement both pointless and stupid to boot.

Would you care to elaborate or you just going to leave it at that? I don’t know if you mean that I should just be present in logs or if I should be present in game but never kill anyone.

I admin my server a good 12 hours a day, if I were to play on another server I wouldn’t be able to focus my attention on my server. I don’t spend all day in game and when I’m not in game I have Rusty running. When I am in game I have admin cam running? Where is the reason for me to not play on the server that I spend so much time working on?

I think what he’s saying is you should be on call of sorts. The server I frequent has an admin who likes to advertise an email account that players can report hackers and abuses to. They have pretty good response time.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with admins playing on their own server, just make sure you’re playing fair and don’t give the players any reason to be suspicious. The streaming idea is nice, but if I were you I’d put a fairly large delay on it so hackers can’t spy on you.

I’m using Shadow Play to stream at the moment. The software itself is in beta so I’m hoping that they increase additional functionalities in the future that will help me extend the delay. I’m just too lazy to set up OBS properly :wink:

The way I see it, as long as the game is in Alpha, the server is in Alpha. As the game changes and develops server admins also need to change and develop their role according to demand from the players and the game. The whole admin cam is a bit of a test. It has actually been working out really well on my server. I have to thank you guys for your input so far, you’ve all been really nice and probably more helpful than you all realise.

I’ll be continuing to use it (I do intend to ramp up the delay to about 10 minutes in the future) and probably apply it to any servers my clan opens for Rust.

Some of us aren’t incompetent and can handle more than one thing at once, princess. Why don’t you attempt to dictate some more the actions of your unpaid benefactors? Orrr you can piss off and run (pay for) your own server - THEN you can decide what the admin should do. Capiche?

To the rest of the reasonable players, who aren’t with this dickhead: Would I be correct in assuming that the main problem is that of communication and openness? I mean, after all, you wouldn’t complain about the admin doing airdrops to his mates or spawning items in for himself, if he actually advertised that fact, right? If the server’s welcome message said something like “Admin spawns items in for him and his mates - kill us if you can!”?

I believe the main issue here is that people invest time and effort into a server assuming such dickery doesn’t go on, and thus they feel their time has been wasted when these habits are exposed. If there’s fair warning from the get-go, however, then you are able to make a decision on whether or not to put time into that server, and that feeling of being cheated isn’t there. Of course, you may certainly bail right after seeing the message, but at least you weren’t misled…

Edit: Okay, I guess Bobo here actually is an admin of his own server (or a mate’s, at least)… I can’t imagine what you do all day if you’re not actually playing though (but still in the server)? Also, you may want to look into one of the admin-helper mods there are out there, like Admin Tickets: - you can even write/edit your own mod to allow that sort of system to email a dedicated address, with a few lines of PHP on a server you own… Setting this up right now myself actually. I admit I haven’t played much at all the past ~3 weeks, since I’ve been busy with real life and mods before playing, but the idea that an admin can’t also play is bollocks. Fortunately I tend to get mature players who can understand the difference between a badmin and an admin-player.

I don’t play on the servers I run… I’m in game but the only thing I do is ADMIN , take care of hackers and help players with in game problems. I’ve found this is the best way to keep players happy and it keeps the “admin abuse” accusations to a minimum.

You are right, I can’t always be there. That’s why I have other admins that can be there when I’m offline.

It’s my server. And trust me, I tried having “player admins”…and they’ve always abused their power. I would much rather play on my server AND admin. But , like you said , alot of the players are very immature, and will yell admin abuse the second they get raided or killed by admins. I don’t think "non player admins " will be necessary once more admin tools are added to the game .

A few weeks ago, we made one of our “regular players” an admin…And 50% of our player base got mad and constantly bitched about us making him admin. Like you said, immature players. After dealing with that BS, I decided to take a break from admining and actually play the game.

I agree 110% . That’s why I took a beak from dealing with that bullshit.

So the moral of the story is… you shouldn’t admin your server and play at the same time.

Ideally you’d have several trusted admins who go on duty, as someone mentioned. And then you need logs on admin actions to make sure standards are being kept. It’s not easy, obviously, especially when you don’t have several trusted friends in the game… or when your several trusted friends are the very people you’d want to be playing with as a group when you did play. But that’s why running a server is a big commitment, often thankless and definitely not for most people.

Another option for small servers with small staffs is an automatic notification system sent via server console when an admin puts on/takes off their “admin hat”, so there’s no confusion. The only downside would be that this tells hackers to turn off their hacks or glitchers to stop glitching… but then they usually do whenever the “cheater” calls go out on chat anyway.

That’s definitely a good point to make actually - that having admins in different timezones (or at least different shifts/sleeping patterns, lol) can be valuable in order to maintain round-the-clock availability.

Maybe I just got lucky, but in my case I picked two people who 1) had been with the server for a couple of months, 2) were 25+, and 3) had more interest in aspects of the game other than ‘dominating’ (modding, and modding+building). Basically a couple of guys who just don’t find cheating or abusing their power to be enjoyable.

I guess it may help that I’m a crap shot in a firefight, haha.

I’m pretty sure the first successful raid (and base takeover) in our server was a guy taking me out, actually… I spent too much time ‘adminning’ and didn’t get time to make metal doors before I had to go afk… he had to bash down 6 wooden doors to get to me+loot though, so he still earned it! :wink:

It’s certainly a nice change of pace to go back to being a (relatively) powerless newbie again. Running from a wolf with your schlong flapping in the wind… :v: Reminds you of the experience you’re trying to keep enjoyable for your players, when you do go back.

To add on this topic, AdminCam was first created to prove no admin abuse on the server but now we use it for GiveAways, tips and tricks - basically all sort of stuff. It seems to be a great idea and people can always watch it to learn where other bases are :wink:

I’m lucky enough to be part of a pretty large gaming clan. Most of us have been admins on various games for a number of years and we’ve all been working on the same team. We only grant admin powers to the people in our team when an admins duties are becoming too much for them to handle alone, so we never have idle admins who have nothing better to do than abuse their powers.

Since we introduced admin cam we’ve seen a steady rise in our server population and players who quit after being killed has been reduced to almost 0.