Admin chat command

So basically I want to make a plugin/Mod to slay, kick, ban and teleport players like this through chat:
!slay player reason
!kick player reason
!ban player time reason
!tp player targetplayer

Can someone please help me? I just need a very basic function. No fancy HUD or so, just that as chat commands. Thanks!

You should probably learn Lua before attempting to create something.

I have been doing alot of Derma and HUD. I know some stuff and Im getting better. The reason why is I don’t know how to make something like that. I would just want to read the code to understand it and get better. I found a admin mod called OnlyServer but the download is broken, so I can’t get info from that code.

Use the player say hook, and if its a command then get the arguments and do stuff.

why don’t you use ULX?