Admin Chat, Vip Chat and Private Messaging


This is another addon I’ve coded for my servers.

It’s for admins, vips and regular players to separately talk in private with chat commands.

This is how it looks:

Has these extra features:
• Prefix assignment (like ! or / and also ability to assign multiple prefixes)
• Logging (in data folder)
• Feature adjustment (such as turning logging on and off & setting whether or not admins can see PMs etc.) within sv_inchat.lua file.

Available chat commands (! as default):

**!a <text>** - Admin chat. Only pl:IsAdmin() can see this chat.
**!r <text>** - VIP chat. Only pl:IsRespected() can see this chat.
**!pm <player> <text>** - Private message. Only <player> can see this chat (unless AdminsCanSeePMS setting is true).
**!re <text>** - Shortcut for replying the last private message recieved.

Simply extract the zip into your garrysmod folder to install.

Thank you.

Most Admin mods have PM and Adminchat, but no VIP

Nice, could be useful.

ply:IsRespected() is not a valid function in normal Garry’s mod.

I know assmod doesnt have chat, it could be used with that.

Very useful.

In DarkRP, if I type in admin chat, say, it repeats “.a <message>” in normal chat. How can I fix this?

Fixed it - simple.

I’am made edit addon for evolve admin. Waiting realise.
Download for Evolve Admin
Begin test

thats what i need! thankyou