Admin Commands for extended Decay to Work?

Ok, so I’m having issue on Wood houses Decaying pretty fast, I know there are Admins commands for it, but how do they work and how can i Extend the Decay to be twice as long?

As far as i know, a timer begin when you update your structure…
At the end of the timer, the structure start to decay, from to top
That means that HP of ceiling and wall will go down until 0, then it disappear… then it’s for next floor

The timer is about 1 day for wood, 4 day for metal, 12hours for shelters (default)

So i’ve just had the two config field from the “base” rust (With no mods)

decaytickrate => default is 300
Don’t know what to place number Higher or Lower…?

deploy_maxhealth_sec => default is 43 200
What that means? I want to change this value so the structure will take loooong time to be damaged when the timer has reached 0
But i don’t know what to set… If i want to make it 3 times longer, do i have to multiply or divide by 3?

FYI, 43200 seconds = 12 hours …
So if i set this to 86400, when decay starts, structures will take double time to disappear?

Thanks for the help

If you have any other information on decay mechanism, i’m interested!

decaytickrate => default is 300

decaytickrate => 30 means the timer is 10 times longer.

I dont know what the maxhealth one does :frowning: noone seems to know.

from the find * output
decay.deploy_maxhealth_sec : Number of seconds until decay deals max health amount of damage
decay.decaytickrate : How often decay is processed

Thanks so much!

this would imply that decay.decaytickrate of a higher value would make decay take a lot longer and a lower value will speed up decay.