Admin Commands Help

Hi guys just wondering if it is possible to use the inventory.give command.

I have started the server and entered the rcon.password in F1. When I enter the command to give me something nothing happens.

This is my .bat file:-

@echo off
RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.port 28015 +rcon.port 28016 +rcon.password “***” +server.hostname “SuPerTeDs EXP State of the Game Recording” +server.identity “2010” +server.seed 546418 +server.maxplayers 20 +server.saveinterval 3600 -logFile “log.txt”

Any help would be appreciated.

the commands have changed, mostly but you don’t longer need them unless you want large amounts of an item, there is an item list that’s for admins to give themselves items.

Thanks but this is not my issue. I have this list. I have a list of the commands.

Do I need to add myself to an admin list? or should just entering the rcon do it?

Thanks for your help Grymthor

yeah you do need to add yourself as admin, do you have Oxide?

No I dont but i wat to keep the server vanila for wat i am doing.
So do i need to add myself as an admin to the server.cfg file?

not in the server.cfg
scrip your Steam ID in the user.cfg


ownerid 7xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx “your name”

restart server and finish

you can make it quick when you have a RCON tool like Rusty

type in Rusty the command server.writecfg
the go over ftp on your server and search the user.cfg and edit it with your owner ID and restart

OK I figured it out thanks for your help