Admin Commands ??? Where are they !!! PS: Fix Airdrops too?

Can you guys please add back in the Admin commands from legacy or at least a few of them? It was OK when it was experimental, but now this is the Main version and basically all we can do is ban, kick and send in a crappy plane.

Also having to admin a server solo is a pain. Please give us a way to add other moderators or admins. I found this post a while back.

But it doesn’t seem to work as anyone I added didnt have the ability to do anything via the in-game console.

Please at least give us a TP from player to player, TP to a player and the ability to add mods/admins. Giving out items would be nice, but not NECESSARY yet. Tons of players get stuck in the game and there is no /unstuck so they have to /kill and lose all their items. Players are also tired of having to run an hour just to meet up with friends. Player to Player TP would fix that.

On a side note please fix airdrops as well. The in-game timer doesn’t work and the drops always fall at the same location (0,0). With the map being so big it favors only the closest players to (0,0)

To see everything you can do, type: find .

(You need the period in the command.)

Experimental’s in active development. If you can’t handle the fact that you’re testing an alpha, not playing a finished game, go play something else. That includes your whining players.

Why does it seem like everyone is assuming they have to play the experimental version. I’m pretty sure the legacy version is still just as it was last week and you can still play/run a legacy server just as you could before.

What babies. Welcome to procedural maps.

Well, to be fair to them, legacy hasn’t been updated in eight months; experimental is the new hotness, but it’s still somewhat raw and is in active development, and some people either don’t understand that or are impatient.

A number of people didn’t even grasp what happened when the switch to experimental launching by default happened. A percentage of Rust’s population has done no research since buying it and don’t even know about experimental. Most of them seem to assume Rust is dead as a result.

We Are in 2,i need a console for my server,but Console is in construction ^^,but we need to wait,Experimental Version Is Experimental Version ^^,Just Have Patience and all need to see all forum for all Notify.
If you want a site for this information i recommended you:

  2. For Avaible commands,

Have a nice day:wink:

Probably not necessary to tell us the game is in active development. I think OP knows that. The rest is just rude, saying “go play another game”. It is not helpful at all.

Why not just let players make the comments, ask the questions, and give the feedback they want?

The OP’s post is useful to FP and the Rust community because it points out what is needed to get Experimental up to a version as playable as legacy.

You don’t think that it’s a bit obvious that the devs should be trying to get Experimental up to the same level that legacy is at?

I can’t imagine Garry reading this and going “OHHHH… So THAT’S how we design a successful video game!”

Garry has asked for specific bug and issues. The OP provided that. He listed things he felt were needed.

What I don’t think is obvious is how bad the experimental is at this point, in terms of letting players actually be able to play it. FP staff and some players clearly have good PCs and don’t have to worry about this, but so many of us cannot even play it at this point.

I can be patient, but I think FP needs to know how many loyal rust fans can’t play experimental at this point. Clearly an unplayable game is not at baseline.

And yes, it is only unplayable for some of us. A lot of us.

wow so much hate over a simple request.

  1. I dont want to run a legacy server. I have been doing experimental for two months now. Legacy is a dead end and the new rust is much much better.
  2. It was a simple request for some admin commands that are NOT in the game. I can only be on so much and with spammers and CAPS BITCHES and children that like to through out N words and etc, you need moderators and Admins. As far as I know there is no way to add them currently, which leaves ONE person to do the admin for the whole server, which is unacceptable.
  3. You can no longer login into RCON with the in-game console. Server console usually doesn’t work. If it wasn’t for the Rusty Rcon program I don’t think you could use any of the RCON commands. Thanks Rusty !!!

I realize this. Do you realize that most of those commands. Probably around 75% of them don’t work and NONE of them work with in the in-game console.

I am quite used to procedural map and seeds. However you have to think of players as customers in the long run. Servers don’t pay for them selves and you need to be able to provide customer service to eventually enable donations or payments. If somone needs a TP to a friend, why should they have to waste two or three hours to find each other? The orginal TP command is and was in the game, in cant be that hard to add the command. I know the co-ordinate system is in place becasue ALL airdrops drop in the exact same spot (0,0)

I doubt Garry plays his game on a daily basis like most of us and probably doesn’t understand what little things can make a difference. Its our job as Alpha players and Admins to push things to the forefront that need priority. I get 4 or 5 players stuck each day in game geometry that can NOT get out. They have no choice but to kill them selves to get out. They lose ALL of their items including keys and items on hand. Why should this player suffer when all that is needed is an /unstuck command or an /tp command, which was once again part of legacy and should be part of the new rust.

For what it’s worth, in my experience, drops airdrops in different places. I know it doesn’t fix the auto airdrop thing but just an FYI.

Nope they might leave and come from a different direction but they will all drop in the exact same spot. Try running 4 or 5 times and find where it drops. You will find the crates stacked on top of each other.

Thanks for running a killer server and website Bugs. You Rock !

Thanks man! Good point, come to think of it, I’ve never tested the exact drop point, just saw them coming from different directions and thought it was different. Guess I was wrong!

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On a side note, I’ve had much success with setting moderatorid… are you still having trouble getting it working?