Admin Commands

I need to talk to dev about a DDOS issue and threats being made in game.

When you say DDOS issue, is this a DDOS against your server specifically, or a DDOS exploit in Rust?

Because if it’s your server and some troll is threatening to DDOS it, no Facepunch staff or mod can do fuckall to help you. Contact your GSP and find out what they can do.

You need to talk to your server provider and local internet law enforcement

Developers busy, developin n’ shi

Yeah… sorry delete thread… its being taken care of.

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Also… Guy MR NOOB threatened to DDos my server if I didnt give him kevlar and two stacks of wood.

I have his steam ID 76561198093816054 and he is currently DDos my server I also have his IP address.
what do people not get… its a game… would you cheat at a board game. you cant win so you spam lalalalalalalalalalalala